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How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow morning to a free $50 gift card to your favorite store or $300 deposited into your bank account?

For the past few months, I’ve been receiving gift cards and money like clockwork. To date, I’ve earned over $800 which has been used to buy groceries, clothes and other things for my family and I.

The method that I personally use is so easy that you can start making money with it immediately.

Prepare to have your mind blown!

How to Get Free Money for Groceries

Affiliate links included. Full disclosure here. 

I bet you’re a bit like me in that you’re always open to new ways to earn a little bit of extra cash. The good news is that I’ve finally found a method that really works and allows me to earn money online that pays for some of my family’s necessities (plus a date night or two with the hubby).

My method is perfect for:

  • college students
  • low-income earners
  • parents
  • retirees
  • anyone who basically wants to earn a extra few bucks!

Most people fit into the above categories so I know you will love this simple trick to earn money with virtually no effort.

Below, is my insanely simple method to get free money every single month without having to work an extra job or spend a ton of time doing it.

This is how you can earn free money to shop with:

1. Sign up with Swagbucks AND Ebates. (Don’t worry both sites are free to sign up!)

2. Install both the Ebates Cash Back Button and the Swagbucks “Swag Button” on your web browser. (The links for the extensions can be found at the bottom of each website’s homepages.)

3. Use the Swagbucks extension to browse online (you’ll earn points everytime you use it). It will also alert you of any surveys or small tasks that you can quickly complete to earn even more points.

4. The Ebates button will alert you if the website that you are visiting has cash-back or coupons that you can activate. If you plan on making a purchase on that particular website USE IT!

5. Rinse and repeat steps 3 and 4 daily. Sit back and watch as your points and cash-back continue to rack up!

6. Redeem the points and cash back you have earned to shop for things you want or need!

***MAJOR side note below!***

To maximize my cash-back efforts even further, when making these purchases I always use my Chase Freedom Rewards card (that I absolutely love and have been using for over 5 years).  Doing this allows me to earn even more money! So, I earn cash-back two different ways! So, if you have a credit card that offer these types of perks definitely USE IT (responsibly of course).  If not, I highly recommend getting a Chase Rewards card like me 🙂 Click here to sign up and you’ll get an $150 bonus!


What is Swagbucks and Ebates? Well they are two handy websites that you can use to earn cash-back for either shopping online or completing small tasks such as taking surveys and watching videos. With Swagbucks, you’ll earn points that you can later redeem for gift cards to popular stores such as Walmart, Target and Amazon. Ebates gives you cash-back that you can later redeem for a Big Fat Check that they’ll deposit directly into your bank account.

Here’s my current earnings from both websites:

Keep in mind that I’ve been doing this method for several months so I have had more than 3 payouts from the previous months!

Ebates Cash Back Balance

Cash-back that I’ve earned from Ebates!

Points I’ve earned from Swagbucks!


This is by far the easiest method I have found to earn money online that doesn’t require me getting a second job or spending a lot of time to do it. Browsing the web and shopping online is something that I normally do so why not use these sites that”ll pay you to do it?

This method helps to put more cash in my pockets thus allowing me to be able to afford things for my family such as groceries and other stuff. I’m sure you will find this method just as useful and if you do, please feel free to share this post with your friends 🙂