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Does your kid hate vegetables? Then you got to try this simple hack that will make them love them in no time.

How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

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Getting your kid to eat more veggies can be tough. You may feel discouraged and start to think that your little one is not getting adequate nutrition or the daily vitamins needed to be healthy.

However, I have tried adding this one simple ingredient to veggies whenever I cook and now my little one loves them!

I no longer have to beg or pretend that I am eating veggies to make her eat them. Since adding this ingredient, she begs for more and even gets super excited when she sees me cooking.

So here’s the special ingredient:

Add chicken broth or a bouillon cube to your veggies to get your kids to eat them!

Chicken broth!

Whenever I cook vegetables, I add a cube of Wyler’s chicken stock to the water. The chicken stock adds flavor and depth that makes the veggies taste absolutely delicious to my toddler.

I’ve tried this chicken stock with a variety of veggies and it pairs very well with broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, kale and mixed vegetables.

Now when I cook veggies, she runs to the kitchen excited and begs for more when finished with her plate! I have not tried any other brands other than Wyler’s but I know that they offer several other options as well. 

I just wanted to share this simple hack with any parent who’s dealing with a kid who hates veggies. I really hope it helps!

By the way, I would love to hear some success stories 🙂

If you have a trick that you’ve used to get your kid to eat vegetables, please feel free to share a comment below!

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