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I found an insanely simple way to get rid of odors from my dishwasher by doing this simple trick. 

It was a Friday night and the hubby and I were enjoying a few snow crab clusters along with my signature lemon-butter garlic dip.

I always use fresh lemon for this recipe and after squeezing the juice out I was left with what I thought was a completely used up lemon.

As I was preparing my dishes for the dishwasher, on a whim I decided to place the entire lemon half in the top compartment of my dishwasher.

I set my dishes for their normal washing cycle and enjoyed the rest of the evening with my hubby.

I can't believe this actually works! Put a lemon in your dishwasher and be amazed at what happens next!

What I found in the morning blew me away!

In the morning, I opened my dishwasher and to my amazement there wasn’t a single smell! Nada! Nothing! Zilch!

My dishes were also sparkling clean! I honestly could not believe my eyes or my nose!

After seeing the “lemon in the dishwasher” trick floating around on the internet, I finally tried it for myself and it actually works! I can now confirm this as a tried and tested Pinterest hack!

So, if you find yourself dealing with a musty smelling dishwasher, all you need is a freshly squeezed lemon half to kill odors and have your machine smelling like new again.

Give it a try and tell me how it works!

Update: It’s been well over a week now and my dishwasher still smells great! I am convinced!

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