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If you’ve been wondering how to keep your home smelling good all the time then look no further.

This post is full of hacks that’ll make your house smell amazing every single day with little effort.

Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

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1. Use scented trash bags. 

The best way to keep odor in control in your home with scented trash bags.

What Mommy Does

According to Cecilia from What Mommy Does, she uses a “double bag” method to keep odors under control in her kitchen and home.

First she uses leftover over grocery bags to wrap up meat trays, peels and other food items that are likely to go rancid in the trash then she lines her garbage can with  Glad Kitchen Pro bags that are scented with Febreeze.

This helps to neutralize odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh for longer.

2. Make stove-top pot pourri before having guests. 

Your home will smell freaking amazing after trying this! OMG!


If you want to freshen your home in a hurry and impress your house guests with a scent that they’ll remember, then you got to try this recipe from Homedit for homemade pot pourri.

You’ll need a few ingredients such as pineapple juice, coconut extract and orange slices which will be added to a pot of boiling water to create an amazing scent that’ll mask some of the harshest odors.

3. Check your garbage disposal. 

For the holidays, don't forget to clean your garbage disposal!

Family Handyman

Your garbage disposal can emit some pretty offensive odors when not cleaned regulary.

Make sure to add weekly garbage disposal deep cleanings to your chores. Also, don’t forget to lift the flanges to scrub away left over food and other grime.

Need ideas on how to clean your garbage disposal? Check out this post.

4. Place scented candles in your closets. 

Place candles in your closets. The fabric will absorb the odors and it will make your house smell better.

Simply place scented candles in the closets where you store your clothes and linens. The fabrics will  absorb the scent and everytime you open the door the smell will softly fill the room.

5. Place dryer sheets inbetween and under your sofa’s cushions. 

Place a few dryer sheets under your trash can liner to keep it smelling fresh.

Dryer sheets can be used for more than softening fabric and making your clothes smell great.

You can also place a few sheets under and inbetween your sofa’s cushions to freshen up your furniture and add a pleasant scent to any room.

7. Get a few indoor plants. 

Get better sleep at night by placing a peace lily plant in your bedroom

Certain houseplants such as the Peace Lily are fantastic for cleaning the air (this has been proven and backed by NASA!) also a few scented house plants such as plants from the mint family, Orchids or  Jasmine would definitely keep your home pleasantly scented.

8. Spray fragrance on your air filters. 

Add drops of essential oil to your air vents to make your home smell amazing with little effort.HVAC.com 

If you want to create a lasting scent throughout your home, you can try spraying your favorite fragrance on your air filters when replacing them or you can use these, either way your home will smell amazing!

9. Use the natural powers of fresh air. 

Keep your home smelling fresh by opening the windows throughout the day.

Open your windows often during the day to let in fresh air.

Opening your windows can work wonders especially if you do this while cooking strong odored foods such as fish or eggs that leave lingering odors.

10. Sanitize the little things. 

When keeping your home smelling fresh, it could be the little things collectively making a stench. The little things include old kitchen sponges, cutting boards and mops.

Make sure that you are taking the time to properly clean, sanitize and even replace these items every couple of months.

I really hope you enjoy this post on the different ways that you can keep your house smelling fresh.

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