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Here’s a simple collection of tried and tested stain removal hacks that have stood the test of time.

If you want to know how to get rid of those set in grease or ink stains from some of your favorite clothes, keep scrolling below to check them out!

Clothing Stain Removal Tips

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Food Stains

Via Mommy Scene

    1. Mix together equal parts Dawn dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
    2. Saturate stain.
    3. Use an old toothbrush to scrub stain and let let sit for 1-2 hours before laundering.
    4. For set in food stains, allow mixture to sit overnight.

Grease Stains

      1. Blot stain with paper towel.
      2. Cover stain with baby powder.
      3. Let sit for 5 minutes.
      4. Brush away powder
      5. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until stain is gone.

If the stain is still on the fabric after following the above steps, try creating a paste of cornstarch and water and scrub with a toothbrush. Or you can try the hacks below.

Rub grease stains with white chalk before laundering to get rid of it fast. Via Home Hacks

Rubbing white chalk on grease stains are also a great at home remedy. Rub stain with chalk and launder as usual. This also works extremely well for rings around the collar.

For set in oil stains, use wd-40. Read this post to know what to do next.

Via Wimp

If you have a few cans of WD-40 around, you will definitely want to try this. Place a piece of cardboard in between the fabric and spray set in oil stain with WD-40. Pour baking soda over stain and use a clean toothbrush to scrub baking soda until it clumps. Pour a small amount of Dawn dish soap over the stain and scrub again with toothbrush. Launder fabric as normal.

Grass Stains

      1. Soak stain in cold water.
      2. Using a sponge, apply rubbing alcohol to the stain.
      3. Rinse with cool water.

If stain is on white fabric or is hard to remove, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and scrub stain with toothbrush.

Ink Stains

Blot ink stain with turpentine or you can cover with salt and let sit overnight in milk. Read this post to learn all the details to get rid of ink stains.

Via Youtube

      1. Pour salt onto wet stain. *If stain is dry skip to step 4*
      2. Let sit for 20 minutes.
      3. Brush away salt.
      4. Make a paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice and apply to stain.
      5. Let sit for 4 hours.
      6. Wash fabric as normal.

For tougher ink stains, blot with denatured alcohol which can be purchased at your local hardwood store.


 Scorch Marks

Use an onion to get rid of scorch marks on your clothes.

      1. Cut a white onion in half.
      2. Scrub mark with the fleshy side of onion.
      3. Allow fabric to sit for 1 hour.
      4. Soak stain in room temperature water.
      5. Launder as normal.

Mildew and Mold Stains

      1. Scrub any mold or mildew marks with a toothbrush.
      2. Use 1 cup of white vinegar in a bucket of cold water and soak clothes for 1 hr.
      3. Wash clothes as normally.


Paint Stains

      1. Carefully scrape off any dried paint.
      2. Rinse stain with warm water.
      3. For water-based paint stains, blot with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.
      4. For oil-based paint stains, blot stain with turpentine. Then saturate stain with clothing detergent and let soak overnight in hot water.
      5. Wash clothes as normally.


Blood Stains

      1. Soak stain in cold salty water.
      2. Rub stain with a bar of soap.
      3. Dab stain with diluted ammonia.
      4. Launder fabric as normally.

For fresh stains, soak stain in hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar.


Coffee or Chocolate

  1. Mix 1/4 cup of Borax and 2 cups cold water.
  2. Soak stained fabric in mixture overnight.
  3. Launder as normally.

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