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The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is one of the best cleaning products out on the market right now.

With over 100 different uses, the Magic Eraser can get rid of all types of stains, dirt, and grime with just one quick swipe.

In my quest to find new and improved ways to clean and declutter my home, I came across some of the most amazing Magic Eraser cleaning hacks I have ever seen.

You will absolutely love what I found! Keep scrolling below to check them out.

Top 11 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Uses

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1. Clean your baseboard using a Magic Eraser and dryer sheets.

If you want to get your baseboards sparkling clean and repel dust forever, clean them with a Magic Eraser first and then follow with a dryer sheet.

Make your baseboard sparkle by using a Magic Eraser to swipe away dirt and grime followed with a dryer sheet. Repel dust forever!

The Simple Moms


2. Make your glass top stove sparkle like new using these 3 things. 

If you want to make your stovetop completely spotless all you need is a Magic Eraser, Totally Awesome Cleaning Spray and Weiman’s Glass Stove Top Cleaner. Your stove will shine as if it’s brand new!

Make your glass top stove sparkle as if it's brand new using just a Magic Eraser, Totally Awesome Cleaning Spray and Weimans Glass Top Stove Cleaner.

Jaime Vaughn

3. Use a Magic Eraser to get rid of icky keyboard grime. 

If you are using a desk or laptop computer right now you may want to take a look down at your keyboard. If it is sticky and nasty you will want to use a Magic Eraser to clean all of that gunk up.

Use a Magic Eraser to easily clean dirt and grime from your keyboard

The Mama’s Girls

4. Say “Goodbye” to grease stains on your dishes.

Yes, the Magic Eraser works miraculously on baked on grease stains on glass dishes. Within 30 seconds and using just a little bit of elbow grease, you can remove even the ickiest of food stains from all of your baking ware.

Use a Magic Eraser to get rid of food and grease stains from your baking ware within seconds!

Tasteful Space

5. Make tarnished silver utensils shine like new. 

 You can make all of your silver utensils look brand spanking new by the scrubbing them down with a Magic Eraser. Lovely!

Make tarnished silver shine like new again using just a Magic Eraser and a little elbow grease.

One Crazy House


6. Clean your iron’s soleplate like a boss.

This is one of the best cleaning hacks I’ve ever seen! First, you slightly wet your Magic Eraser, then you heat up your iron and run the soleplate over quickly and poof! Grime begone!

Heat your iron and quickly run it over a Magic Eraser. Watch as your it cleans your entire soleplate like magic!

Crafty Gemini


7. Get a sparkling clean bathtub with these 3 things. 

Make your bathtub sparkle and get rid of mildew, mold and scum using Comet, a Magic Eraser and Ajax soap. You will never clean your bathtub the same!

Get a sparkling clean bathtub using Comet, a Magic Eraser and Ajax soap.



8. Clean hair and oil build up from your flat or curling irons.

Did I mention that Magic Erasers are the absolute best for cleaning grime and oil build up? If you have a flat iron that you use regularly and is in need of a very deep clean, then a Magic Eraser is a must-have!

Clean hair and oil build up from your flat iron using just a Magic Eraser. Brilliant!

The Krazy Koupon Lady

9. Remove red stains from plastic ware in seconds.

Quickly swipe away stained plastic ware in seconds using a Magic Eraser. Amazing!

Swipe away food stains from plastic ware with a Magic Eraser. Amazing!

The Krazy Koupon Lady

10. Give your dirty fridge handles a deep clean.

Yuck! Our fridge handles have to be the most neglected item in our homes and one of the most disgusting! Wipe away all of that nasty hand grime, dirt and bacteria with a Magic Eraser. Voila!

Wipe away dirt, grime and bacteria using a Magic Eraser to clean your fridge handles.

I Heart Organizing

11. Clean your oven glass like a real pro.

Give your oven glass the deep clean it needs using just a Magic Eraser. Simply wipe away baked on grease and oil stains from your oven glass to get it sparkling clean.

Get your oven glass sparkling clean with a Magic Eraser. Wow!

Polished Habit

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