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I’m in love with the IKEA Raskog Utility Cart!

When I first laid eyes on this must-have mobile organizer I had to get one.

It’s perfect for organizing and storing everything from your bath to laundry room and doesn’t take up much space.

If you aren’t convinced that you need one in your life by now then keep scrolling below.

Once you see how you can organize with these lovely rolling carts then you’ll quickly change your mind!


13 IKEA Raskog Storage Cart Ideas

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Organize all of your beauty supplies with this IKEA cart.

Via Who Is Mocca

Use a rolling cart to organize and store all of your make-up and beauty supplies.



Use a rolling cart to store your craft supplies.

Via Repeat Crafter Me

A utility cart is perfect for storing your craft supplies and tools.


Use a utility cart to store shoes that you no longer have room for in your closet


You can use a mobile cart to store extra shoes or items in your bedroom closet.


Use a mobile cart to store your kitchen essentials.


Organize your kitchen essentials using a rolling cart to save space and time.



Organize your laundry room items using a rolling cart.

Via Better Homes and Gardens

A mobile cart would be perfect for organizing your laundry room essentials.



Instead of a living room side table, opt for a mobile storage cart.


Instead of a living room side table, opt for a utility cart instead. It’s by far way more practical.


A mobile cart is perfect for organizing a small dorm room.

Via Jessica Slaughter

College students, or any one with limited living space, will find that a mobile cart is perfect for storing bedroom essentials and other items.



Create a homework station for your kids using a IKEA rolling cart. How neat is this?

Via Suburble

Create a homework station for your kids by using a cart to store books and other school supplies.



A mobile cart will be a lovely addition to a guest bedroom. You can store and organize towels and other bathroom toiletries.

Via A Beautiful Mess

This mobile cart is the perfect addition to any bathroom. It will make for quick and easy access for your favorite toiletries.


Swap out your traditional bedroom side table for a mobile rolling cart. Its way more practical.

Via Homey Oh My

Swap out your bedside table for a rolling cart. You will be grateful for all the extra storage.



Use an IKEA rolling cart to organize and store your craft supplies.

If you have a craft room in your home, then a rolling cart will help you keep things super organized.



If you are lacking pantry space, then a mobile cart will be a quick fix for storage extra food items.


If you are lacking pantry space, using a mobile cart for extra storage would be brilliant.


Well, how nice is this. A mobile book cart for your home!

Via Kylie M. Interiors

How cute is this? Use a rolling cart as a mobile library.  This will look lovely in any room!


Final Note…

 An IKEA Raskog Utility cart is extremely versatile and is the perfect storage solution for any room. I hope you are feeling inspired to find a new way to organize your home with one.



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