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In this post are a few ironing tricks that are beyond genius!

If you want to save time ironing clothes then these hacks are a must-know.

Keep reading to learn how to iron clothes fast and make your life easier.

Ironing Hacks

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1. Place aluminum foil on your iron board for faster ironing. 

If you want to iron your clothes faster, put aluminum foil on your iron board underneath the cover.

Wonder Mom Wanna Be

Aluminum foil will reflect heat and steam when ironing your clothes. This will cut your ironing time in half as you will not have to iron both sides.

2. Use binder clip to keep your pants legs in place. 

To iron your clothes faster, place binder clips on the end of your pants legs.

The Idle Man

Using binder clips on your pants legs will help to ensure that they will not shift will ironing and will give you a cleaner crease in your pants. This trick also works well for shirt sleeves and hems.

3. To get rid of wrinkles from delicate items, use a damp cloth and warm iron. 

To iron wrinkles out of delicates, place a damp cloth over wrinkles.

Wiki How

For delicate garments such as sweater, you will want to cover hard to remove wrinkles with a damp cloth. Go over the cloth with a warm iron to release stubborn wrinkles.

4. Protect your shirt buttons with a spoon.

To protect buttons on your shirt, place a spoon over them.


To avoid from damaging the buttons on your shirts, cover them with a spoon when ironing.

5. Use a flat iron to get rid of wrinkles on hard to iron fabric pieces.

This ironing hack is brilliant! Iron wrinkled cuffs with a flat iron.

Clementine Bean

Sashes, ties and collars can be quickly ironed with a clean flat iron.

6. To get rid of permanent crease, try this paper bag and vinegar trick. 

Get rid of those hard to remove crease with a paper bag and vinegar and water mixture.

Megan Nielsen

For really stubborn wrinkles, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this trick.

Simply spray a paper bag with a mixture of 1/4 cup white vinegar and 3/4 cups of water.

Lay the bag on any wrinkles that’s difficult to remove and iron with a warm iron. The wrinkles will disappear like magic.

Bonus Tip! 

As a preventative measure to reduce wrinkles in clothing, simply add fabric softener to the wash cycle when doing laundry. Fabric softener will soften the fibers that your clothes are made of thus greatly reducing creases and wrinkles from forming during the drying cycle.

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