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Cleaning and organizing is the name of the game! And in this week’s post, I will share with you 15 clever toy storage and organization ideas that parents everywhere will really appreciate.

If you are ready to tidy up your kids’ playroom, then this post will inspire you.

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15 Kid’s Toy Storage and Organization Ideas

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Organize your kid's toys by using plastic bins and chalkboard labels.

Via Sunny Side Up

Organize your kids’ toys by organizing them plastic bins and using chalkboard labels.



Turn a bookshelf into a toy and book storage unit. I love the green bins!

Via An Inviting Home

Turn an Ikea bookshelf into a neat storage unit for all you kids’ books, toys and other stuff.



Use a bookcase shelf ladder along your kids; room wall to store toys and other things.

Via Pure Wow

Place a bookcase shelf ladder along your kids’ playroom wall to use for toy storage and other items.


Use dollar store containers to store puzzle pieces and other small toys.

Via Pinterest

Use plastic food containers to store and organize puzzle pieces and other small toys.



Via I Heart Organizing

Attach crate storage shelves to your wall to organize and store your toys in your kids’ playroom.



Organize kid toys in your garage using bright, colorful stackable bins. I love the green!

Via Org Junkie

Organize kids toys and other stuff outside or in your garage using stackable bins. 



Attach a magnetic steel strip in the playroom for toy car storage.

Via Classy Clutter

Attach steel magnetic bars to your playroom wall for toy car storage. So neat!



Use a simple shoe organizer to store your kids playthings.

Via Home BNC

Use a simple shoe organizer to neatly store your kids’ playthings.



Create a library wall in your kids room.

Via Buzzfeed

Create a simple library wall in your kids’ room to organize books.


Organize toys outside using tubs and chalboard labels.

Via Domestic Charm

Store your toys and other playthings outside using galvanized steel tubs and chalkboard labels. 



Organize legos by placing them in plastic bins labeled by color.Via I Heart Organizing

Organize legos by color and place them in pull-out plastic bins.



Organize stuffed toys and animals using wire baskets attached to the wall with command hooks.

Via Pinterest

Organize stuffed toys and animals using plastic baskets attached to the wall with Command hooks.


Use a shoe organizer to store barbie dolls.

Via A Girl and a Glue Gun

You can also use a shoe organizer to store Barbie dolls.



Use plastic baskets to store tub toys and figurines.

Via Pinterest

For quick and simple toy storage in the bathroom, use plastic baskets attached together with shower rings.


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