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There’s a smarter way to do laundry, my friend and these hacks will show you how.

Below are a few quick and easy ways to make doing laundry a little bit easier. Keep scrolling below to check out these awesome tips!

Laundry Hacks

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1. Cut your dryer sheets in half to make them last longer…
Cut dryer sheets in half to make them last longer.

Via Krazy Koupon Lady

Use a paper cutter to cut dryer sheets in half. This will make them last longer and save you a few bucks over the long run.

…or ditch the dryer sheets all together by tossing a ball of aluminum foil into your dryer. 

Use a ball of aluminum foil into your dryer to get rid of wrinkles and soften fabric.

2. Use black coffee or tea in the washer to revive black clothes. 

To revive faded black clothes, add 2 cups of black coffee to the rinse cycle. Black coffee is a natural dye.

Photo by Kyle Meck on Unsplash

Coffee and tea are natural dyes and can help darken the overall hue of black clothing. For this trick to work, add 2 cups of either black coffee or tea to the rinse cycle of your washer when washing dark or black clothing.

3. Brighten dull white clothing by placing garment in a pot of cut lemons and water. 

Brighten white clothes by letting them soak in a pot of boiling water and cut lemons.

Via Martha Stewart

Lemons are known for their bleaching powers. To help brighten dingy clothing, cut up a few slices of lemon in a pot of water. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Add clothing to pot and let soak for an hour or allow item to sit in the sun to dry.

4. Use white bread to remove lipstick stains.

Roll the soft part of white bread into a ball to help blot and make lipstick stains easier to remove.

Via Huffington Post

Roll the soft part of white bread into a ball, use it to blot and lift fresh lipstick stains from clothing. Wash as normally.

5. Hang tension rods in your shower to dry your wet clothes. 

Hang tension rods in your shower to hang wet clothes. No dryer or iron required.

Via Thrifty Fun

Place tension rods in your shower to hang and dry wet clothes. This can be extremely helpful when handwashing delicate garments.

6. Keep a plastic bin in your laundry room to store single socks.

Keep a plastic bin in your laundry room so that you can toss single socks in them until you find the other one.

Via Thrifty Fun

Keep a plastic bin in your laundry room and and use it to keep single socks until your find the missing pair.

7. Save your old laundry caps to avoid messes. 

Hate dealing with a laundry cap thats dripping with detergent? Save at least one old laundry cap and alternate between caps when pouring detergent into the washer. Toss the used cap into the washer with the clothes and the cap that isn’t used will replace the top for the detergent.

8. Prevent static cling in your clothes with a safety pin.

If you have clothes that are prone to static, place a safety pin into the hem to discharge static during the drying cycle.

Via Wikihow

Simply attach a safety pin to the hem of your clothes to help discharge static and prevent them from clinging to other items.

9. Use shaving cream on makeup smudges before washing.

Via Krazy Koupon Lady

Spray shaving cream over makeup stains and allow to sit for 2-3 minutes before scrubbing. The stain should lift!

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