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If you have a daughter, then knowing these tips and tricks are a must.

In this post, you will learn different ways to make life easier for your girls. Keep reading to learn how.

Life Hacks for Girls

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1. Turn an IKEA bookshelf into a Lazy Susan or…

Ikea Hack: Turn an Ikea bookshelf into a lazy susanzz

Naughton Your Life

Save a ton of space in your daughter’s room by turning a simple IKEA bookshelf into a Lazy Susan. This turnstile bookshelf is great for storing items such as jewelry, accessories and even clothes.

You can get the complete detailed tutorial here.

…create a dress up closet!

Create a dress up closet for your little girls room!

Rain on a Tin Roof

If your daughter loves to play dress up, you love this idea of hacking an IKEA bookshelf into a dress-up closet to store and organize all of her play things.

The complete tutorial can be found here. 

2. Teach them to hide money and other small items in smart places.

Teach your daughters to hide money in inconspicuous places to prevent theft.

Top Inspired

Hide money in lip balm containers for emergencies. Keep in your car or purse.

Shameless Traveler

Teach your daughters to hide emergency money and other important items in these places to prevent theft. How smart!

3. Attach clothes pins to hangers to store and organize flats. 

Attach clothespins to your hangers to store and organize your flats in your closet.


Maximize storage space in your closet by attaching clothespins to a few hangers. This is a great way to store your flats and sandals.

4. Hide bra straps using a paper clip. 

Hide bra straps using a simple paperclip. All girls should know this hack! Repin for later

Looks Gud

Use a simple paper clip to keep your bra straps from showing while wearing a tank top. For a more sturdy fix, you might want to grab a set of these.

5. For long car trips, attach sink caddies to your car windows. 

Attach sink caddies to your car windows for road trips. Fill it with snacks, coloring pencils and other items to keep your little one occupied while in the backseat.

Grey House Harbor

When on road trips, attach sink caddies to your car windows to keep your daughter (s) occupied with snacks, coloring pencils and small toys.

6. Teach your daughter the KonMari Method to keep her organized. 

Teach your daughter the KonMari method to help her keep her clothing drawer and closet organized.


The KonMari Method is a Japanese inspired way to declutter and organize your home. Teach your daughter the KonMari principles found in this amazing book that will you how to simplify your life.

For more details on the KonMari method, you might enjoy this post.

7. Use nail polish to color code multiple keys or…

Use nail polish to color code your keys.

A Bubbly Life

When issuing multiple keys to your daughter, use fingernail polish to color code them so that there’s no mix-ups.

8. Use nail polish to color hair pins for instant flair.

Paint your hair pins with nail polish to add instant flair.

Hopeful Honey

Add instant flair to your hair by simply using nail polish to paint your hair pins. Make sure to dry completely before sticking into your strands!

9. Use a rolling cart for portable storage. 

Turn a rolling cart into portable storage for makeup, hair and other items.

Polka Dot Chair

No more clutter on the bathroom sinks if you use a rolling cart to store hair and makeup items. It can be easily rolled into a closet for future use.

For more ways to organize with an IKEA Raskog cart you might enjoy this post.

10. Untangle baby doll hair with fabric softener. 

Soak tangled Barbie doll hair in fabric softener to release tangles and make the hair silky again.

Lil Blue Boo

Soak tangled hair in a mixture of fabric softener and water. Brush out the tangles and rinse with white vinegar mixed with water. Spray the hair with a wig conditioning spray to prevent tangles.

For more parenting hacks you might enjoy this post.

11. Never have a bad hair day again with this trick.

If your daughter is having a “bad hair day”, show her this trick to quickly style her hair into pretty bun.

Never have a bad hair day again.


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