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Knowing these survival tips are a must for children or anyone who finds themselves in crisis.

Hopefully these 5 life-hacks will help your kids avoid dangerous situations and enhance their overall safety.

Life-Saving Tips for Kids

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1. When in public, always locate at least 3 exits whenever possible. 

Always be able to locate exits when in an enclosed area. This could save your life one day!

When in a public area such as at a shopping mall, concert or school scan the area for at least 3 exits. Knowing where and how to exit an enclosed space can save your life in emergency situations.

2. Always keep your phone, keys and a small amount of cash on you. 

Teach your kids to always have these 3 things on them at all timeS.

Make sure that you have your keys and a small amount of cash ($20 or less) on you at all times. You should also keep your phone fully charged as it can be used to call for emergency services during a crisis.

3. Pay attention to people that are acting strange.

Pay attention to people that are acting weird in a public space.

Pay very close to individuals who are behaving anxious, nervous or angry when in public.

Keep your distance but make a mental note of what the person looks like as well as the type of clothes that they are wearing. This information could be extremely helpful to authorities during emergency situations.

4. If lost, find the nearest mom with kids to assist you. 

Younger children should ask the nearest mom for help.

Samantha Wilson, former police officer and founder of kidproofusa.com, recommends teaching young children that if they are ever lost and need help to find the the nearest mom with children to assist them.

According to Wilson, “Women will generally commit more time to helping your child because men are afraid that if they help they’ll be targeted as a predator.”

5. Apologize when bumping into strangers. 

Be careful when on a busy street, avoid confrontations with other people by simply saying, "Excuse me" or "sorry".

Always apologize when bumping into someone, no matter who caused it. You never know if that person could be intoxicated, angry or carrying weapons which could possibly lead to an unnecessary altercation. Simply say,  “I’m sorry” and continue on your path.

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