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I love being married.

It’s so cool to me that I have a lover and a best friend wrapped all up into one.

We laugh together. We cry together. We disagree about the temperature settings on the thermostat. We do it all and without him I would be incomplete.

But unfortunately, due to the chaos of balancing work, kids, and life in general, I sometimes forget to verbally say, “I love you”. And I really hate that because what “if”, right?

However, each and every day I always try my best to show my love in other ways.

Showing love to your spouse doesn’t always have to be verbal or even in the form of a physical gift.

It can be displayed with small, tiny acts of daily kindness and affection.

So, if you need some inspiration on how to woo your spouse a little bit more as well as build a deeper and stronger connection then here’s 5 little ways to do just that.

It Doesn’t Matter How Long You’ve Been Together

It doesn’t matter if you’re newlyweds or been together for decades, there’s always room to love your spouse in new and better ways.

Showing deep appreciation and also being vulnerable to each other can help keep your love connection strong.

But there’s also a few small things that you can do daily to build off of that.


1. Give hugs when they’re least expected.

Have you ever just looked at your spouse when they’re in the zone and just thought, “Wow. I FREAKIN’ love this person”?

It is in that moment when you should deliver the greatest and biggest bear hug as humanly possible.

That mushy feeling we have that just flushes over us is actually the hormone oxytocin and it helps to facilitate bonding.

It not only encourages us to become closer to our spouse but it also reduces stress.

So, if your spouse has had a long day at work or they’re just sitting in a space just being their natural, beautiful selves, give them a tight, loving hug and don’t let go unless they beg you to.


2. Put down the phone and listen.

Your cellphone, tablet or other piece of handheld technology can be a huge distraction and it can literally steal your attention from the one that you love.

And if you’re not careful, it could potentially ruin your marriage.

A survey by YourTango revealed up to 65% of marriages end in divorce due to communications problems.

But communication is more than verbal.

It is making eye contact with your spouse when they are speaking to you. It is also listening intently when they are addressing their problems and concerns.

It’s a combination of everything, so make sure to cut the distractions if you want to show more love to your significant other.


3. Take a bath together

Some people may think this is gross or an invasion of personal space, but the truth is taking a bath together is very intimate.

Bathing together not only saves time and water but it gives you a chance to bear it all in a private space away from the kids, pets and all other outside elements.

Want to discuss possible plans to move to another state? Hop in the shower.

Unsure of what to eat for dinner? Talk about it in the shower.

Whatever the case may be, taking a bath together can be a great bonding experience and a super relaxing way to end or begin the day with the person that you love.


4. Prepare a hot, home-cooked meal.

It’s ok to eat out every now and then, but sometimes the belly wants something warm, fresh and made with love aka a home-cooked meal.

A home-cooked meal is not only incredibly satisfying but it’s considered a direct expression of love or in the terms of Dr. Gary Chapman, Author of The 5 Languages, an “act of service”.

Your “acts of service” are not just limited to cooking meals, it could be having their favorite clothes dry cleaned and going to pick them up, getting their vehicle detailed or even offering your help on a project that they’ve been working really hard on.

Overall, showing love through these tiny acts on a daily basis can make you closer as a couple.


5. Support their goals.

Sometimes, our spouses want to do things that they think will make their lives better in some way, shape or form. So, they’ll come to you looking for your advice or support and one of the worst things you could do is cast doubt onto their dreams.

If you want to show more love to your spouse start by being their number one fan. It doesn’t matter if they decide to run a triathlon after they haven’t ran a mile in years, it’s up to you as their soul partner to be their biggest and loudest supporter.

Helping your spouse achieve their long and short-term goals by supporting their ideas and providing them with resources to make it happen can be one of the best shows of affection.



There’s several little ways to show love to your spouse without having to verbally say it.

From hugs and kisses to emotional support, you can build a stronger bond just by being present, listening and showing that you care.

Remember that marriage is a lifelong journey. So try your best to make it a beautiful one by filling each and every day with kindness, respect and affection.