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The shower is one of the last things that many of us want to clean.

Luckily, this one woman has figured out the perfect solution to keeping her shower mold and mildew free. If you want to know what that formula is then check out the video below where she shares all of her secrets.

The Miracle Shower Cleaner

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Before using miracle tub cleaner.


After using miracle tub cleaner.

When cleaning your tub, it is always a great idea to use simple ingredients that you can find around your home. In this video, she shares that her secret to keeping her shower so clean is that she uses just white vinegar and Dawn dish soap.

She pours this solution into a dishwand and uses this every so often to clean her shower wall, floors and glass doors.

If you will notice, she does not have any issues with mold or mildew as the Dawn dish soap helps to remove soap scum and the white vinegar helps to prevent mold issues.

These tips are just the beginning of maintaining a clean bathroom. If you would enjoy more mind blowing tips on how to clean your home, click here. 

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