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Lint rollers aren’t just for picking lint from your clothes. They can be used to clean your home too!

Read this post to learn the different ways that you can clean and tidy things in and around your home with a simple lint roller.

Lint Roller Cleaning Hacks

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1. Dust lamp shades. 

Lamp shades often collect dust that’s hard to clean unless scrubbed thoroughly with a cleaning solution and dried but who really has time for that?

Simply whip out your handy dandy lint roller to quickly clean lint from your lamp shades.

2. Clean up broken glass. 

It’s never fun for anyone when a glass breaks on the kitchen floor. Really small pieces of glass are hard to see with the naked eye, so when an accident happens that involves glass  its best to use a lint roller to clean the area.

3. Pick up food crumbs.

When eating food in your sofa or bed, there’s a high chance that a small mess will be made. When dealing with food crumbs, you do not have to worry about bringing out the vacuum cleaner to get rid of this problem. You can use your lint roller to pick up crumbs in a hurry.

4. Clean up hair after cutting. 

If cutting your hair in the bathroom, it would be a great idea to have your lint roller in hand. You can use it to clean up your countertops, floors and bathroom mats.

5. Clean up crafting material. 

If you are a frequent crafter who uses glitter or small paper mache for projects, you’ll find that a lint roller works wonderfully to clean things up.

6. Clean the inside of pockets and bags. 

When we have debris in our pants pockets or bags, it can be a pain to get rid of. This is why a lint roller would be super helpful in clean these things with ease.

7. Clean your bed sheet and pillows. 

Bed sheets can get pretty dirty during the week. If you would like to maintain a somewhat level of cleanliness between washes, simply use a lint roller to over your bedsheets and pillows during the week.

Now that you know of these different ways to clean your home with a lint roller, I am sure life will be a lot easier!

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