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If you have been looking for ways to declutter and organize your kitchen pantry…

then you’ve come to the right place!

I love finding new and improved ways to organize and clean my home. While on my usual quest to find creative and budget friendly ways to tidy my space I came across some fabulous pantry organization ideas.

In this post, I will share with you 10 beautiful ideas to help you organize your kitchen pantry.

11 Pantry Organization Ideas

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1. Use a Closet Maid to organize a Walk-In Pantry.

Use a closet maid system to organize your pantry. Beautiful!

The Closet Maid system is the best product to use that will help you get your pantry super organized. If you want to keep all of your kitchen items neatly organized and easily accessible, then a Closet Maid is a must-have.

Kitchen Installations

2. Use wire bins to store canned goods and other items. 

Use wire bins to store canned goods in your pantry.

Use wire bins to store your canned goods in your kitchen pantry. Wire bins will help to make the best use of space in a tiny pantry as well as keep your food items organized.

Eleven Gables

3. Use stackable containers to store food items in your pantry.

Use stackable containers to store expendable food in your pantry.

Using airtight stackable containers to store food items such as flour, rice, and other grains.  Label each container with the appropriate name of the food item so that there are no mix-ups.


4. Use baskets and candy containers for additional food storage.

Use baskets and candy containers for storage in your kitchen pantry.

How delightful is this pantry? Organize your pantry using candy jars for household items such as dishwashing pods or for food items such as dried nuts and fruits.

Container Store

5. Use stackable under shelf wire baskets for bread storage.

Use under shelf wire bins for bread storage.

Store bread or other pantry items in under shelf storage bins in your pantry. This will save so much space!

Better Homes & Gardens

6. Use a paint pen to label food storage containers. 

How gorgeous are these? All you need is a paint pen to turn these glass food containers into a work of art. Lovely!

A Beautiful Mess

7.  Use magazine holders for budget-friendly pantry storage. 

Here's a budget friendly way to organize your kitchen pantry. Use magazine holders!

Use a set of magazine holders or plastic bin containers to neatly store food items in your pantry closet. This is genius!

Stacy and Charlie

8. Install an over the door pantry shelf for extra storage space. 

If you have a tiny pantry, install over the door shelving for additional storage space.

If you have a tiny or small pantry, it would be very wise to install over-the-door shelving for additional storage space for your spices and other food items.

Four Generation One Roof

9. Install chalkboard decals inside pantry doors.

How cute is this pantry? I love the chalkboard on the doors!

This pantry is adorable! I love the chalkboard decals on the inside of the doors. They are especially useful for writing your grocery list and other reminders.

11 Magnolia Lane

10.  Label large containers with printable stickers or decals. 

Label large containers in your pantry with printable decals or stickers.

Label your food storage containers with printable stickers and decals. You will always know where to find to find your favorite food items!

Classy Clutter

11. Use wicker baskets to store large food items. 

This pantry is gorgeous, isn't it?

Wicker baskets really add to the overall aesthetic of this gorgeous pantry. Use wicker baskets to store large food items underneath the bottom shelf of your pantry.

A Bowl Full of Lemons


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