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Let’s talk about hygiene for a sec. Yes yours, mine, our hygiene. As women, sometimes we have to go the extra mile to look and smell our best.  Here’s a few hacks that you should know that’ll help keep your hygiene in check.

Personal Hygiene Hacks for Women

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1. Avoid using fabric softener on your your pillowcases

Pillowcases are notorious for collecting oil, dirt and sweat but when you launder them with fabric softener it leaves behind residue that could clog your pores which worsens your acne and increases breakouts. Remember to change your pillowcases every 2-3 days and skip the Snuggle.

2. Carry dental floss in your purse

Food that’s trapped in your teeth will eventually rot and cause bad breath. Always have dental floss or my personal favorite, Plackers on hand to clean in between your teeth after your meals.

3. Invest in a good tongue scraper

Yeah, the white stuff that you see on your tongue is bacteria, debris and dead cells. Sounds disgusting, right? Using a tongue scraper daily will help remove this gunk, keep your breath smelling fresh, improve the taste of food as well as boost your immunity.

4. Sleep without underwear

As crazy as it sounds, you do not need to have on underwear at night unless you’re on your menstrual cycle. Going commando at night will allow your lady bits to breathe and reduce your chances of developing a yeast or vaginal infection.

5. Soak your feet in black tea

This will help to kill bacteria, close your pores to prevent your feet from sweating and remove any odors.

6. Use hand sanitizer to kill armpit odor

This is extremely handy when you are in a pinch. The alcohol will kill the odor causing bacteria and dry your armpits fast leaving no stains on clothing.

7. Douching is bad

The vagina naturally cleans itself and does a pretty good job without any help. Avoid using scented tampons, pads and douches because it increases your risk of vaginal infections and pelvic inflammatory disease. 

8. Wash behind your ears

You have glands that secrete oil and sebum behind your ears. When this mixes with dirt and sweat, it can create an odor that can be quite offensive (Ever heard of the term ear cheese“?)  and make you smell bad. Wash behind your ears daily to prevent this from happening.

9. Use hair conditioner when shaving personal areas

Hair conditioner softens your hair and reduces chances of razor bumps and irritation.

10. Drink lukewarm water with lemon first thing in the morning

This mixture will instantly hydrate you as well as help detoxify your body.