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Being pregnant is one of the most important periods in the life of the woman. You are carrying another human being and the feeling that you are actually carrying another life can be overwhelming. It is one of the most amazing experiences one can ever feel – or at least it is supposed to be. However, this depends on the person and if they willed to have the pregnancy.

But then, it is not as easy as it may appear to be. It means for the next nine months a lot of things are going to change your life. You will start to hate some foods and enjoy other. You will even start to hate some people for no particular reason.

“There’s nothing more important than the health of our babies” – Vivotion

Sleep is one of the most important things you need to have as a pregnant woman. There are several things you will have to take care of if you want the best sleep. Here are tips to get the best sleep.


1. Choose the right mattress.

There have been researches on the best mattress to sleep on when you are pregnant. It is clear that the mattress you choose will affect the amount of sleep you get. Because you will be sleeping on your side, especially during the last trimester, you need a mattress that conforms to that position. When shopping for a mattress, consider the fact that you will be getting heavier and the mattress you sleep on should be able to withstand that weight. You back should be well aligned and give the baby enough space to rest as you sleep on your side.


2. Choose the right pillow.

Using is a pillow is a matter of choice. You may find it useful, or find it unnecessary. It all depends on how much you feel like you need. The pillow is not just for the head and neck. The best pregnancy pillow should help align your spine in the right position. As much as you are concerned about the health of your baby, you should also ensure your health is right. Because sleeping on your side is the only best way to keep your baby safe, you will need the right pillow to ensure your body is well positioned.


Sleeping on the side

And when it comes to sleeping, you will have to adjust to particular sleeping positions. That is where our main focus is on this article. What is the best sleeping position? How do you identify the best pregnancy pillow? All these are essential things to cover.

It is not just about you but about the baby you are carrying. The health of that baby depends entirely on you, how you carry yourself around matters a lot. Your sleeping position will definitely have an impact on the health of that baby.

There are many sleeping positions, of which each one has their favorite. It is all about being comfortable and getting the shut-eye you so need. But for a pregnant woman, there is not much of choice.

There is a famous phrase you will always hear people say, “Sleep while you can.” For an expectant mother, the doing part is actually where the issue is.

Those who are found sleeping on their bellies and backs are often told to change the position. Even if you can’t sleep on your side, you must just adjust – something that does not happen very easily.

Many doctors will offer advice to pregnant women to sleep on their side. The question many ask is why? Why can’t you just sleep on the side you feel most comfortable with?

As it turns out, it is not just about you, but about your baby. So, even if you get the best pregnancy pillow or mattress, what matters is that you are sleeping on your right side at night.


 The prenatal puzzle

When the fetus starts to grow larger and larger in the womb, you will start to experience more pressure on in your internal organs. This is a natural occurrence that might bring some annoying pain and discomfort. The blood vessels also feel this pressure.

There is a large vein that runs along the back right side of the spine. This vein is responsible for returning blood from the lower part of the body back to the heart. The vein is known as the mother’s inferior vena cava (IVC). Dr. Grace Pien, of the Johns Hopkins University School of medicine, suggests that this vein is the real puzzle that may cause problems.

According to Dr. Pien, the fetus is more likely to compress the vena cava when a woman is sleeping her back. This condition results in a decrease in the amount of blood circulation.

The compression is bad because it results in less blood being pumped out of the heart. Consequently, there will be a drop in blood pressure for mum which reduces oxygen content for both mama and the baby. This situation could be even more fatal for women who already have blood pressure problems.

For instance, if you have asthma, chances are you are not delivering optimal oxygen to the fetus. If reduced blood flow is added to the situation, you might not want to imagine the results.

Sleeping on one’s back, according to research increases the chances of stillbirth. Women have been asked to recall what they did during pregnancy; those who had stillbirth were found to have like slept on their back. This is a recent study that was published in BJOG.

Doctors, therefore, recommend that women should stop sleeping in their supine positions. Sleeping on the left side saves the baby and the mother.

Why not the right?

Some studies which compared sleeping on the left and sleeping on the right find a trend in stillbirths for those who slept on their right. The results have however never repeated.

According to Dr. Pien, there is actually nothing wrong with sleeping on the right. If you don’t feel comfortable on the left, you should just roll on the right.



Research has revealed that women, who are not getting enough sleep during pregnancy, probably have increased risks for many things. If you don’t get enough sleep – 5 or 6 hours, things like gestational diabetes could catch up with you. For this reason, getting enough sleep is essential for you and your baby. Sleeping on your side is more recommended to ensure you get enough without risking the health of your baby.

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