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In this post, you will find simple cleaning tips from professional housekeepers that will make cleaning the house just a little bit easier.

Housekeeper Tips and Tricks

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1. Always keep a toothbrush on hand. 

A toothbrush is an extremely handy tool for cleaning hard to reach places such as around your faucet handles and window tracks.

2. Clean the bathroom last. 

It’s usually the most-time-consuming and toughest area to clean. Clean it last to ensure that there’s no cross-contamination, such as bringing germs from the bathroom into the bedroom or kitchen.

3. Spray and set it. 

How to clean your house like a maid would

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Allow your spray cleaners to sit for a few minutes after spraying. This allows your cleaning products adequate time to soak in and do what it’s suppose to do, whether that’s killing germs or lifting grease. Use this time to multi-task by cleaning other areas that need your attention.

4. Use micro-fiber cloths for cleaning. 

Clean your house like a hotel maid

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Microfiber cloths are really great for cleaning because the fibers attract and trap dirt like a magnet unlike most fabrics. Remember to use wet for dirt, grease and stains. Keep it dry for dusting.

5. Have a well-stocked cleaning caddy. 

Cleaning caddies save you time because you do not have to run back and forth to find cleaning supplies that you need. Fill your caddy with all of your must-have cleaning products and carry it from room to room as you clean.

6. Vacuum slow. 

How to clean your house like a maid would!

Vacuuming too fast can cause you to miss pet hair, dirt and dust which can lead to your carpet eventually becoming worn out and needing to be replaced over the years. Make sure to vacuum slow and to overlap the entire area horizontally then vertically before finishing.

7. Save mopping for last. 

Mopping should be saved for last to clean up any remaining dust and dirt that has settled after cleaning your home.

I really hope these cleaning tips help you clean your home more efficiently. As always, Happy Cleaning!

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