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Here are a few more brilliant cleaning and organizing hacks to add to your arsenal.

These simple housekeeping tips are sure to make your life just a little bit easier.

Cleaning and Organizing Hacks

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1. Clean your washing machine with a dishwasher pod.

Place a dishwasher tab in your washing machine to freshen it up.

Jottie’s Journal

Put a dishwasher pod in your washer’s drum and run a quick cycle to remove bad smells and keep it smelling fresh.

2. Apply car wax to your air vents and ceiling fan blades. 

Prevent dust from building up by applying car wax to your air vents and ceiling fan blades.

Applying car wax to your ceiling fan blades will prevent them from collecting dust and spreading it around your home when its turned on. For more brilliant dusting tricks, check out this post.

3. Clean your stainless steel appliances with vinegar and olive oil. 

All you need is vinegar and olive oil to make your stainless steel appliances shine for weeks.

Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

Clean your stainless steel appliances with a solution of white vinegar and water to remove grime and grease. Afterwards, wipe them down with a little bit of olive oil to get a brilliant shine that lasts for weeks.

4. Clean your refrigerator seals with toothpaste. 

The Joyful Wife

How often do you clean your refrigerator seals? I’m guessing not at all. The next time that you are are tidying the house, take a look to see whats in there. If it needs cleaning, use plain white toothpaste and an old toothbrush to scrub away grime.

5. Keep labeled bins on your stairs for your family’s random items. 

Keep labeled bins of your familys items on the stairs. Use this to store the things that they leave around the house so that they can take it to their rooms at the end of the day.

Jennifer Avery

Keep your home clutter-free by placing labeled bins on your stairs for your family’s random items that they leave around the house. At the end of the day, have them carry their bins to their room to place items where they belong.

6. Keep your broom clean by washing it in warm, soapy water. 

Keep your broom in tip top shape

Krazy Koupon Lady

As often as it is used, a broom is often neglected for cleaning which can shorten its lifespan and make your floors dirtier. Simply soak your broom bristles in warm, soapy water and rinse clean. Allow to air dry and it will be as good as new.

7. Clean oven racks with a toothbrush wrapped in aluminum foil. 

Wrap a toothbrush wit aluminium foil and use to scrub your oven racks.


Let’s talk about oven racks for a second, shall we? Cleaning these things can be a major pain! But luckily there is an easier way to get your oven racks clean fast. Simply wrap aluminum foil around a toothbrush to scrub away burnt on grease and grime.

Hopefully these quick cleaning tips and organizing hacks are sure to make your cleaning your home a lot easier. For more awesome cleaning hacks, you might enjoy: 9 Housekeeping Tricks That’ll Help You Get Your House Cleaner Than Ever

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