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The onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic brought many changes in how people carried out their daily activities.

What is worse, many businesses had to shut down due to the cessations and lockdowns imposed by governments.

Others had to switch to remote working, and due to the losses, thousands of people lost their jobs while others had pay cuts.

For this reason, many have resorted to looking for survival means and other ways to earn money. The problem comes when you cannot differentiate whether the ways are safe or illegal. Here are some safe ways for you to make money during the pandemic.

1. Freelance Jobs

If you ever wanted to become a writer or even a photographer, this is your chance to actualize your dream. You can do freelance work as an online writer or photographer selling your work and services.

You can build an impressive portfolio and increase your clientele; this way, you can earn more money as you progress.


2. Sell Your Stuff

With a flexible work schedule, you can declutter your house and find things that you barely use or need.

You might find some clothes, excess furniture, books that you no longer feel the need to keep. One way of dealing with them would be to donate to charity or earn a few extra coins by selling the ones still in good condition on eBay and other e-commerce websites like WeBuyBooks.


3. Become a Virtual Assistant

For those with excellent digital, organizational, and communication skills. For 20-120 hours of work monthly and a payment of $10-12 per hour, you can apply for jobs on websites like GlassDoor and Reed.


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4. Explore Crafting

The pandemic has brought a lot of free time with nowhere to go and not much to do; you can revive your old hobbies, skills or learn new skills and earn money from them.

Crocheting is one of the skills that can help you earn money; you can crochet clothes, mats, wall hangings, and shoes.

You can do artwork and sell them to friends and family. You can also make jewelry and handmade cards; who knows, this might have started to earn extra money but end up as a successful business venture.


5. Provide Transcribing Services

Transcribing is one of the most popular jobs to do at home. An increase in online video content has resulted in high demand for transcription services.

Depending on how fast you can transcribe audio, you may receive many projects, and the pay may also increase. The pay starts from approximately $20 per audio hour. Some of the websites that can be useful as you start transcription are Transcribe Me and GoTranscript.


6. Online Tutoring

Become an online tutor and put your knowledge for many stranded learners and cannot continue with physical learning.

You can also make monetized videos on YouTube showing how to do various things, both life hacks and educational information that is useful to many people worldwide.


7. Online Surveys

Participate in online surveys being issued by various websites. These surveys are flexible since you can do them wherever, whenever, you do not have to be seated at a specific location. From payment as low as $0.05 to about $10, you can build your earnings gradually.

Different websites pay differently; through vouchers, while others prefer PayPal or directly to your bank account.

Websites like YouGov, Prolific, Survey Junkie, and OneOpinion are a good start.



So there you have it, these are the safest ways to make money from home during the pandemic.

Remember, these careers are not a great fit for everyone but they are a good place to start.

If you want a fufilling work at home career, it’s important to consider what you are naturally good at or have experience in then using those skills to find your path.