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Scarecrows take center stage in this year’s fall home decor trends. 

Originally used to keep birds and other animals away from crops, now they’re considered festive fall decorations inside and outside the home. 

In this post, you’ll find some of the most creative ways to incorporate scarecrow-themed items throughout your space.

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Scarecrow Decor Ideas

It’s easy to add warmth and charm to your porch when you pair scarecrows with pumpkins and flowers. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your scarecrow decorations. Go big!

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Scarecrow accent pieces and memorabilia make a welcoming display in your kitchen. To create the perfect fall vignette, follow a color scheme or mix and match items. 

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If your living room is the focal point of your home, why not decorate it with scarecrow accents? They will for sure delight your guests and instantly lift the mood in your home. 

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Make your home more inviting by decorating with scarecrow-inspired wreaths and porch signs. In addition to the autumn season, scarecrows make the perfect transitional accessory for Halloween

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A tiered tray’s versatility is unmatched. To create an eye-catching vignette, you can easily combine your favorite fall accents. 

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Scarecrows are the perfect fall decoration for creating a festive atmosphere in and around your home.

Even though they were once used to scare animals away from crops, they are now very attractive decor items, especially when combined with pumpkins, flowers and other fall accessories.

Decorate your home this autumn with scarecrow-inspired decor that will not only delight your guests, but also bring a sense of fun to your neighborhood.