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It can be frustrating trying to find space to organize a tiny bedroom especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

That’s why you will love these budget-friendly bedroom organization hacks!

Keep scrolling below to see an amazing roundup of bedroom storage and organization ideas.

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1. Mount shelves to a wall for an impromptu make-up or vanity station.

When you don’t have a lot of space, installing floating shelves on your wall can help make a small bedroom a little bit more functional. | via Clio Makeup

via Free to Fly


2. Use space saving shelving to store extra items.

Vertical shelving can save a ton of space and is perfect for organizing perfumes, jewelry and other items. | via The Beetique


3.Use bookshelves to frame your bed for additional storage space. 

Using bookshelves to frame your bed adds to the aesthetics of a small bedroom as well as give you tons of additional storage space. | via Buzzfeed

4. Use a clothing rack to store excess clothes and shoes. 

If you run out of space in your closet, you can use a clothing rack to store all the extra. | via Gypsy Tan

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5.Use a storage box cube to organize clothing and accessories.

A dresser can take up so much space with only a few drawers to store your things. Get a storage cube and you can store way more clothes and other items without taking up a lot of space. | via Love Charmaine


6. Organize your nightstand clutter with bins. 

Store and organize bedroom essentials in your nightstand using clear plastic bins. | via I Heart Organizing


7. If you lack closet space, use a wall mounted rack in the corner of your room for clothing organization. 

Tiny closets beware! You do not have to throw away any clothes if you use this simple trick of adding a wall mounted clothing rack to a corner in your room. | via The Spruce


8.  Mount your TV on the wall and use hanging shelving to add additional storage space. 

A TV stand has very limited space and can easily become cluttered. If you instead mount your TV and use floating shelves around it, then you’ll be able to make the best use of vertical space in a small room. | via Simply Organized


9. Create space by storing items under your bed. 

Make a trundle or use an under bed storage cart to hide items neatly under your bed. | via Shades of Blue Interiors


11. Make a shoe wall. 

Find space on your bedroom wall to create a shoe wall using floating shelves. | via Katie’s Bliss


12. Organize your jewelry in clear containers. 

Organize your jewelry in clear containers for quick and easy access. | via Glitter and Bubbles


13. Use bins and baskets to store shoes and clothing.

Use labeled bins to store and organize clothing items and accessories. | via By Erika Batista


14. Make rolling bins to store extras for easy access. 

DIY a set of rolling bins to store shoes, clothes and other items under your bed. | via Heathered Nest


15. Create a system to keep your closet organized year round. 

Keep your closet consistently organized by creating a bin system where seasonal clothes are keep in labeled bins. | via Simplifying Mom Life


16. Use a standalone shelf to store shoes, handbags and other accessories. 

If you don’t have much closet space, using a shoe tower would be the next best way to store your shoes, handbags and other accessories. | via Rachel James

17. Use your corner space for a study or desk area. 

This works perfectly for those who have a small dorm or bedroom without a large living area. Make use of the corners of your room by using a corner desk and floating shelves. | via Shanty 2 Chic


18. Invest in furniture that doubles as storage.

Invest in versatile furniture such as an ottoman which is stylish and can also be used for extra storage. | via City Chic Decor


19. Use a cart as a bedside table to maximize storage space. 

Use a mobile cart as a bedside table to maximize storage space in a tiny bedroom. | via Homey Oh My


20. Use your bedroom doors for extra storage space.

Use an over-the-door organizer to create storage space for your handbags and purses. | via Wellesley and King


21. Fold your clothes the right way.

Folding clothes the right way can help you save a ton of space all while helping you keep your items neat and organized. | via Society 19

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22. Add built in shelving for extra storage space. 

via Monica Wants It

via Instagram @cindyology


23. Use a decorative ladder to store and organize scarfs… 

A decorative ladder can be repurposed into a stylish storage solution for scarves, belts, hats and other accesories.

Or you can use a wine rack!

via One Crazy House

24. Get an acrylic calendar.

An acrylic calendar is not only super stylish but the perfect accessory for your bedroom that’ll help you keep track of important dates and ideas. | via Foodies Fit Home