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If you want to make your home smell like the holidays, then you’ll love this post!

Below I will share with you 10 amazing ways that you can get your home smelling delicious for the holiday season.

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Holiday Smell Hacks

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1. Place a few drops of vanilla extract on your HVAC filters. 

Add drops of essential oil to your air vents to make your home smell amazing with little effort.


When the air in your home circulates through your central air system, the lovely scent of vanilla will fill your rooms. Yum!

2. Collect pinecones and spray them with cinnamon oil. 

Spray pinecones with cinnamon oil and place around your home for the holidays

Kleinworth & Co. 

Make your own scented pinecones by collecting a few that may be around your home. Spray with cinnamon oil until damp. Leave in a ziplock bag until the pinecones have completely soaked up the mixture or place in the oven for a few minutes.  Leave a few around your home to make it smell heavenly.

3. Make stovetop potpourri using cranberries, oranges and cloves. 

Quickly whip up your own potpourri simply using a pot of water, thick cut slices of oranges, cinnamon sticks and several other ingredients to make your home smell absolutely delicious. Get the full tutorial at Half Baked Harvest. 

4. Discreetly clip Febreze car fresheners to your curtains or air vents. 

Try clipping Febreze holiday scented car fresheners such as Pumpkin Bliss to your curtains or air vents to leave a lasting scent in every room.

5. Place tealights in a bowl of coffee beans.

Place vanilla scented tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans to make your home smell like a coffee shop.


The heat from the tealights will warm the coffee beans thus creating a beautiful aroma that smells like vanilla coffee.

6. Fill pouches with clippings from a fir tree. 

Take clippings from your christmas tree to freshen your home.

Cook Quilt Make and Bake

Place the pouches in places around your home such as in your bedroom dresser and closets to leave a refreshing scent. You can get the full tutorial here!

7. Rub your lightbulbs with vanilla extract. 

While your light bulb is off and cooled, rub it with a small amount of vanilla extract or peppermint oil. When you turn on the lights the scent will warm and the aroma will softly fill the room.

8. Make your own mason jar oil candle. 

Make your own mason jar candles to make your home smell like christmas!

Baby Food Steps

Craft your own mason jar candles with ingredients such as pine cones, pine needles, cranberries and cinnamon sticks. This homemade concoction would also make for a wonderful holiday gift for family and friends! Get the full tutorial here.

9. Place a few drops of your favorite scent inside your toilet paper roll. 

Dump a Day

I would prefer to use cinnamon or peppermint oil to fragrance the toilet paper roll. Either way this is genius!

10. Make your own air and furniture fresheners using baking soda and essential oils. 

Instead of lavender, use cinnamon or peppermint oil to make your home smell like the holidays!

View from the Fridge

For a holiday scent, I would opt to use cinnamon, peppermint or pine oil to make these simple air fresheners. You can simply sprinkle over your furniture and carpet floors to absorb smells or leave in the mixture in a mini mason jar and place in each room of the house. The full tutorial on this awesome project be found here.

How do you like to freshen your home for the holidays? Leave a comment below!

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