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Stainless steel appliances and fixtures can make your home look way cleaner when they all have a brilliant shine to them.

If you’ve been wondering how to keep stainless steel shiny and finger-print free for weeks at a time then this post is a must-read.

Before I begin sharing these amazing stainless steel care tips with you, there are two things you should know first.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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1. Always go with the grain. 

A cleaning mistake most people make when cleaning stainless steel appliances is that they rub against the grain of the steel.

Doing this frequently over time will cause scratches and make your appliances and fixtures appear dull.

How do I find the grain?“, you may ask. You can try looking at the appliance from an angle to see the direction or you can take a soft cloth and gently rub your appliances vertically and then horizontally.

Whichever direction that you feel the least resistance is the direction in which you should clean and apply product.

2. Avoid using abrasive tools and products. 

When cleaning your stainless steel appliances, avoid using scrubbing pads or any product that contains harsh abrasive material as this will scratch and damage the surface of your stainless steel appliances over time.

To make the natural shine of your appliances last for several years longer, simply clean them using a soft microfiber cloth or sponge.

Household Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances


Club Soda

Club soda is known for its several amazing uses around the home.

It’s considered a great cleaner because its carbonated molecules can help lift grime and dirt from several different surfaces.

That’s why club soda works wonderfully as a cleaner for stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

Simply spray on the surface that needs attention and wipe clean with a soft cloth.


White Vinegar

White vinegar is very effecting at killing mold and preventing it's growth on your shower curtains and liners.

White vinegar is another household staple that will always impress with its outstanding cleaning capabilities. 

The acidic nature of white vinegar makes it the perfect cleaning agent for dissolving scum, grease and other stains from many surfaces.

Mix equal parts water and vinegar to create a simple, effective and natural cleaner for your stainless steel appliances.


Dish soap

Dish soap works great to prevent mold from growing on shower curtains.

Plain ol’ dish soap, (my personal favorite, Dawn) will always be a winner for being a mild and gentle cleaner for your appliances as it can quickly lift grease and grime from the surfaces of your beloved stainless steel appliances with ease.

Wipe your appliances down with warm soapy water, rinse and dry with a clean, soft cloth.


Bon Ami

Ask Anna

Bon Ami is considered one of the best cleaners for stainless steel appliances according to many including Leah from Ask Anna who has the pictures to prove to the world of how wonderfully effective this cleaner was for her appliances.

It is a very, very gentle abrasive (I know I said no abrasives on stainless steel but hear me out!)

It’s so gentle in fact that their motto is, “Haven’t scratched yet“. (Might I add that this cleaner has been in the market for over 130 years!)

You should definitely give Bon Ami a try if you’re interested in using a biodegradable and non-toxic cleaner in your home.


Household Tips for Polishing Stainless Steel Appliances


Baby Oil

Just a dab on your stainless steel appliances will make them shine like new!

Uncommon Designs

This is one of my favorite stainless steel cleaning tips from Uncommon Designs, where she uses baby oil to create a brilliant shine for her stainless steel appliances.

Not only is baby oil great for polishing, it also helps to prevent future fingerprints and smudges.


Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used as an all natural polish for cleaning your stainless steel appliances! Look at these results! Amazing!

Geek Mom

Geek Mom used olive oil for an all-natural, non-toxic polishing product for polishing your stainless steel appliances.


Wax Paper

Great tip for keeping your stainless steel sink shiny!

Alaska Granny

Alaska Granny shared a cleaning tip that is very useful for anyone with a stainless steel sink.

She suggests using a sheet of wax paper and rubbing it on your sink and fixtures to get rid of water spots.

It works by leaving a light coating of wax that will make the shine of your stainless steel appliances last a lot longer.


I hope you enjoyed this post and now know how to properly clean and polish your stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

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