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It’s heating up outside and now is the perfect time to build up your arsenal of super useful summer party tips and tricks.

From keeping mosquitoes away to keeping your guests cools with a simple fan hack, these helpful tips are sure to make your summer party the best one yet!

12 Summer BBQ Party Tips and Tricks

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1. Cover drinks with cupcake liners. 

Cover your drinks with cupcake liners when having a party outside. #summerhacks

via The Target Saver

Give cupcake liners out to your guests so that they can cover drinks to prevent pesky bugs from sneaking a sip.

2. Put ice in a kiddie pool to keep food and drinks cool. 

Use a kiddie pool to keep food cool during a summer party. #summerhacks #bbq

via Beauty and Bedlam

Turn a kid-sized pool into a simple food or drink bar by simply filling it with ice.

3. Burn an egg carton to keep mosquitos away. 

Keep mosquitoes away from your summer party by burning an egg carton on the grill. #summer #bbq

via The Huffington Post

Take an empty cardboard egg carton and light the corner of it. The smoke will help to repel mosquitos from your cook out.

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4. Use tiered trays to store fruit and save space.

For your next summer BBQ, store fruit in tiered trays. #summer #BBQ #fruit #watermelon

via Pinterest

Store your chopped fruit on a tiered tray. It not only looks nice but can save some serious space.


5. Use a mason jar to store condiments. 

Store condiments in a mason jar for a mess free barbecue experience! #summer #BBQ #masonjar

via Domino

Store condiments such as ketchup and mustard in mason jar dispensers for a mess free barbeque experience.


6. Make an outdoor hand wash station for your guests. 

Make an outdoor hand wash station for your guest during your summer barbecue. #summer #bbq #masonjar #rustic

via Hens and Chicks Barn Market

If hosting an outdoor barbecue, set up a simple hand wash station for your guests using a few tubs and beverage dispensers to hold fresh water.

7. Use a twin sheet to cover tables. 

Use a twin sheet to cover your picnic table if having an outdoor party! #hacks #summer #bbq

via DIY Home Sweet Home

When having an outdoor party, cover your tables with twin size fitted sheets instead of tablecloths. They are least likely to blow away in windy weather.

8. Cook large quantities of corn in a cooler.

Cook large quantities of corn in a cooler by pouring boiling water over them. #summer #bbq #hacks

via Buzzfeed

If planning a large party, try cooking your corn in a cooler to save space on your stovetop.

9. Cover extension cords with a plastic container. 

If having a summer party, cover your extension cords with a plastic container to prevent them from getting wet. #summer #bbq

via Family Handyman

Prevent your extension cords from getting wet by covering them with a simple plastic container.

10. Keep your drinks cool with frozen water balloons. 

Freeze water balloons and use them to keep your drinks cool. #summer

via Rachael Ray Mag

And afterwards, once the water melts, you can have a pretty awesome water balloon fight.

11. Make a sunscreen and bug spray station.

Sunscreen and bug spray station for a summer party.

via Catch My Party

Keep your guests comfortable outdoors by setting up a free-for-all sunscreen and bug spray station.


12. Cook large quantities of hotdogs in a slow cooker. 

Cook your hotdogs in a crockpot to save time when planning a large party. #summer #crockpot

via  A Year of Slow Cooking

If cooking a large quantity of hot dogs, use a slow cooker instead of the grill. This will save a ton of time!

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