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These survival hacks are brilliant and for many could make the difference between life or death.

Check out the post below to see these amazing tips.

Survival Hacks All Women Should Know About

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1. Use your bra as a smoke mask.

Use your bra as a smoke mask in an emergency situation. I love this life hack. Please share with your friends.

If you find yourself surrounded by smoke, take off your bra and use it as a temporary smoke mask.

2. Start wearing hair pins. If you are handcuffed you can use it to pick the lock.

Start wearing hairpins. Use these to unlock handcuffs if you are held against your will. Please share with everyone!

3. You can also use your bra underwire to unlock handcuffs as well. 

4. If your hands are zip-tied together. Slightly twist your wrist, raise your arms and with force bring them down towards your body. The zip-tie will break.

All girls should know about these survival hacks. This could mean life or death!

Although these tips are very useful for anyone, I found that the tips geared towards women stood out the most. I believe all women and girls should have knowledge of these tips because they could mean life or death in some situations. Check out the full video below!

Please share with your friends!

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