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It is pretty clear that the life of a student can be pretty exhausting. It doesn’t really matter if you are still a high school senior or a college student, the fact is you are constantly exposed to a lot of activities.

Having a lot of activities spread throughout your day can make it difficult to keep track of them. In order to see some organization, you will have to get a student planner. We will look at some of the best planners for college students and all other student looking for an easy way to get organized.


Student planners That Will Make You a Happy Student

Let’s review some of the best ways how students can organize their daily lives. Here are the best ones to look through:

1. Flagship collection

Not all individuals want to go crazy when it comes to decorating their planner. If you are such an individual, this product is especially for you.


The pages of this planner have all the essentials, such as ample space to add all the activities for the day, and so on. This product is currently valued at about $25. If you do not want to get the actual product, there are printable versions available to get you started.

2. Mead Academic planners

One of the most impressive school products you can find is Mead. This academic planner for students comes in a variety of designs all with optimal functionality. The planners can be bought in different colors, depending on your personal favorites.


The calendar by Mead enables you to plan for one year period. Every month has been separated from the next by a tab to allow you to add precise information to your planner. One of the best features, however, must be the ability to take note in this planner and write a summary of your annual actions at the end.

3. Life planner

Life planner is another great planner and buying it can cost you about $54. This planner uses color to help you organize the activities you engage in on a daily basis. Not on this, it is also customizable because it can allow you to change the covers until you are satisfied with what you eventually see.


Adding stickers and other attachments is also an option for you. Some of the products also come with a bookmark and already included stickers. If you are not impressed with the choice of decorations, you can always buy some that would be more to your taste. You can be able to create a fixed schedule to work on all your assignments with a free plagiarism checker for students to help you provide authentic work to your teachers.

4. Lemome planner

The Lemome planner is a very attractive personal planner. What makes this product special is the integration of old school-design features with modern age efficiency. The byproduct, therefore, has a clean and sophisticated design by still remains practical.


If you are into minimalistic designs, this is the product for you. On the exterior, you will only see and elastics band and an accompanying pen holder. When you open the planner, you will notice the simplicity as well. All pages have adequate space that has been divided into 12 months. Getting this product will cost you about $20.

5. Holographic planner

The Holographic planner is a visually appealing planner that you can buy for about $32. Right from the get-go, you will notice that the design on the exterior was designed to impress. The quirkiness does not stop there though, there is more to see when you open the homework planner.


Below the holographic exterior, you will notice the pages that have been divided to allow you to ass activities for a whole year. The pages are also lined, which comes in handy, especially if you want to have a neat planner. Other eye-catching features include the quotes that have been already added to the pages and addition stickers.


The life of a student is a pretty hectic one, there is no argument here. This fact does not have to affect your ability to get organized. With many products out there designed to help you make the most of your time as a student, you can easily eliminate the chaos.


Having a great academic planner will make you realize that there is more to you than just college homework. With a planner, you will be able to find a way to tackle all your daily activities which might include academics or social gatherings and so much more.

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