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Digital parenting is necessary these days because easy access to contemporary cell phones and computer machines has made kids and teens obsessed.

Parents have to look after minors and teens activities especially on phones and computers when connected to the internet.

Digital Parenting with Best Parental Control Apps for Parents

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The rise and rise of online predators such as cyber bullies, stalkers, child abusers and sexual abusers have made the online world dangerous than ever for kids and teens. Because they trap teens and kids online via instant messengers and fulfill their dark and evil motives.

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to protect children and teens from all the digital nightmares to the fullest. However, tech-industry over the years has come up with best digital parental control apps for parents.

Cellphone monitoring app for parents.
TheOneSpy cell phone parental control software

It is known as one of the best cell phone parental control app over the years and armed with best parental control tools.

The parenting software has user-friendly interface and available at a reasonable price, but when it comes to its working, none of the parental control spyware can challenge its efficiency and accuracy.

Let’s discuss all of its parenting tools that enable parents to keep an eye on their target cell phone devices.

Parental Control Tools


IM’s social media

Parents can set parental control software on kids and teens social media activities such as on Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, Instagram, Zalo and plenty of others.

A user can view IM’s logs, messages, and text messages conversation shared media files as photos and videos and Voice messages.

Text messages spy

Parents can remotely view text message sent or received and a further user can see iMessages, SMS, MMS, BMM chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

Browsing History

The parent can even set parental control on visited websites, bookmarked websites with the help of browsing history tool of parental control app of TheOneSpy.


Remotely capture screenshots of all the activities teens have done on the cell phone screen and stay updates along with the complete time stamp.

Call spy

Parents can remotely record and listen to the calls incoming and outgoing on the target cell phone and a user has the power to save the material into TheOneSpy online control panel.

Spy 360 live screen sharing

A user can broadcast the screen of the target smartphone into the online dashboard and can view live phone screen activities with the help of web portal.

Remote phone controller

Remotely control the cell phone and do parenting activities such as view installed apps, blocked stranger’s incoming calls and further blocked the internet.

It is compatible with cell phones of android, IOS and blackberries OS

MAC parenting software

It is basically computer monitoring app and capable of setting parental control on laptop and desktop computer machines running with the MAC operating system. It has plenty of parental control features that enable parents to stay updated regarding kids and teens all activities on MAC computer machines.

Cellphone monitoring for parents.

MAC Parental Tools

Block websites

Parents can block all the websites that are spreading adult content to your kids and teens. You just need to put the address of all the websites into the filters and kids won’t be able to visit the inappropriate websites on MAC machines.


It empowers parents to get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the MAC device such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes. It means parents can get access to the messengers and get to know the conversations.


Remotely captures screenshots on the target MAC computer machine screen and view kids and teens activities remotely along with the proof.

Note: It is only compatible with computers of MAC operating system.

Securekin parental control app

It is one of the best parental control apps for android phones, tablets, and pads. Parents can use it on android cell phones of minors and teens and get to know all the activities they do on their Android gadgets. It has plenty android parenting features such as call recording for androids, IM’s social media monitoring, screenshots, phone bugging, remotely controlling androids phones, spy on android text messages and plenty of others alike.


All of the above-mentioned software is the best parental control apps for androids cell phones, MAC computer systems and on IOS and blackberries cell phones. Parents can convincingly set parental control on kids and teen’s phones and computers running with Android, IOS, blackberries, and MAC respectively to the fullest.