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Here’s a few more tidy tips for the home that you probably haven’t seen yet.

Get prepared to clean and organize your home smarter with these incredible hacks.

Home Cleaning and Organizing Tips

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1. Use hairspray to remove labels from jars. 

Spray hairspray on a label to remove it quickly and easily.


If you have a labeled jar that you would like to use for some other project, simply spray the label with hairspray to make it easier to remove. For more amazing hairspray cleaning hacks, you might enjoy this post. 

2. Create a canned organizer to fit in the space between your refrigerator and kitchen wall. 

No pantry, no problem. This DIY canned food organizer saves space by neatly fitting between your refrigerator and kitchen wall .

Classy Clutter

You can maximize every inch of your kitchen by simply making a canned food organizer that can fit right in the space between your fridge and the kitchen wall. For more space-saving hacks for small homes, check out this post. 

3.  Use command hooks to organize kitchen cleaning tools. 

Use clips to hang items underneath your kitchen sink.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Under your kitchen sink, you can use command hooks to hang your rubber gloves, dish brushes and other kitchen cleaning items. This saves spaces and makes everything neat and organized. Check out this post for more under-the-sink organizing ideas.

4. Fold and organize your towels to save space. 

Japanese folding hack. Never stack towels, fold and place in drawer vertically.

Room Clip

Fold and roll your towels and place them in plastic containers and bins. This is one of many space-saving techniques from Japan which you can see more ideas on this post. 

5. Use chalkboard labels to organize bathroom cabinets. 

School of Decorating

Add chalkboard board contact paper to the bottom of your bathroom drawers. Draw or write the name of bathroom items on it and place a clear, plastic container in the drawer. This organizing technique works especially well for younger children, for more chalkboard organizing ideas for the home check out this post.

6. Use Lemon Pledge on shower doors to keep them soap scum free. 


Kissed by a Frog

Lemon Pledge can be used to keep your shower doors clean and clear of soap scum and mildew for weeks at at time. For more house cleaning tips and tricks, you might enjoy this post. 

7. Rub a dryer sheet on your baseboard to repel dust. 

Clean your baseboard with a dryer sheet to repel dust.

Kiwi Services

After cleaning your baseboards, you can simply take a dryer sheet and rub it on there to repel future dust and dirt. For a few more dusting tips that’ll make your life easier, check out this post. 

8. Keep a bin in the laundry room for lost socks. 

Keep a plastic bin in your laundry room so that you can toss single socks in them until you find the other one.

Thrifty Fun

Never lose a sock again! Simply place a small bin near your dryer or where ever you fold laundry. When you come across single socks, toss them into the bin. After filling the bin, all missing socks should have their partner! For more life-changing laundry hacks, check out this post. 

9. Use a Magic Eraser to clean your flat iron and other items. 

Clean hair and oil build up from your flat iron using just a Magic Eraser. Brilliant!

The Krazy Koupon Lady

Magic Erasers are an awesome tool to use when cleaning. They work wonderfully for cleaning stains and grime from things such as your flat iron without damaging the plates. Check out this post more amazing Magic Eraser hacks.

10. Use 3 simple ingredients to remove clothing stains. 

Mommy Scene

Dawn dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide make for a really effective stain remover that’s budget- friendly and readily available in many households. For more hacks on how to get rid of clothing stains, you might enjoy this post. 

I really hope these tips inspire you to organize and clean your home a little better! For more cleaning life hacks and organizing tricks, you might enjoy: 10 Cleaning and Organizing Hacks That’ll Simplify Your Life

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