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Kids can be described with many adjectives, but tidy isn’t usually the first one that comes to mind.

More often than not, you’ve probably cleaned up your kid’s room just to find it back in its original state of chaos the very next day. Or, if you’re really unlucky, in a matter of hours.

However, reaffirming the need for a cleanroom is important in your child’s development and will only help them develop better habits as they grow. 

Unfortunately, until they reach the age where you can trust them to clean and organize their rooms on their own time, you’ll be doing this duty. Previously I’ve shared different ways to organize boys’ rooms and girls’ rooms.

Here are some tips on how you can save time and energy when tidying your child’s room, and stay sane while doing so.

1. Take a deep breath.

No seriously, do it. It can be frustrating as a parent to have to take the time to clean over-and-over, so take a few minutes to prepare your patience for the upcoming task. No matter how daunting it may seem, remind yourself that you’ll feel relieved once it’s done.

2. Gear up with the needed cleaning supplies.

Heading into your child’s room without the proper cleaning tools is a recipe for disaster. To be as efficient as possible, make sure you have the necessary supplies on-hand as you begin the cleaning process. This includes a vacuum, dusting wipes, surface cleaner, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, and anything else you prefer to use.

3. Don’t fret if you run out of something.

Once upon a time, when you ran out of, say, paper towels, the only option was to make do until you could restock at the store. Fortunately, now you can order household supplies online and have various cleaning products delivered right to your door. This minimizes the need to stop what you are doing and instead, stay on top of the job at hand. 

4. Recruit help if you can. 

Just because your child might be too young to handle cleaning on their own doesn’t mean they can’t help you. View these cleaning times as teachable moments, a time where they can learn how to take care of their things. Having them help you in this process might slow things down a little, but has the potential of teaching them many lessons, such as the value of hard work. 

5. Start from the ground up. 

Depending on how messy the room is, you can become overwhelmed quickly, which is why you should start with the basics. Begin by picking up anything and everything off of the floor. That’ll likely include clothing, toys, books, and the hazardous lego or two that you’ve probably stepped on one too many times. Within minutes of starting, you’ll already begin to notice a difference in the room as you begin to see a floor underneath the clutter.

6. Remove what doesn’t belong.

As you were picking up items off of the floor, you probably came across things that don’t belong in the room. Over time, your child has brought things from other rooms into their bedroom, and much to your chagrin never returned it to its rightful place.

Accumulate these items in a basket or a box for you to return once you’re finished cleaning. Of course, you’ll also come across trash, but you already know where that belongs. 

For clothing or toys that your child has outgrown, look into donating them to a local organization. This not only gets it out of your house but also can potentially help others. 

7. Tidy up the furniture.

Spend a few moments now organizing the furniture in the room. Make the bed, close any opened dresser drawers, and hang up or fold any clothing that needs to be put away. Your effort in doing this will give the room a clean, presentable look, that your kid will surely learn to appreciate. 

8. Vacuum, scrub, dust, and wipe everything.

With everything off of the floor and where it belongs, you should have easy access to clean the room. Without moving the furniture, you can now vacuum, sweep, or mop the flooring.

Additionally, with spring allergies ramping up, it’s also a good idea to dust off many of the room’s surfaces, such as blinds, shelves, desktops, and fan blades, so that there are fewer irritants in the air.

Dusting can be time-consuming but can be done quicker with the right methods. Lastly, with health concerns still at the top of everyone’s minds, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, like doorknobs, can also prove to be useful.

9. Put away your supplies (for now). 

Congratulations! You’ve finished making the bedroom look presentable. Now you can relax and show off the room to your friends and family. Enjoy the cleanliness while it lasts.

If after cleaning your kid’s room you’re feeling inspired to organize the rest of your home, why not move on to your own bedroom? Check out some ways to organize your bedroom for ideas to get started.