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Pine-sol is an amazing all-purpose cleaner that uses the natural powers of pine oil to fight dirt, grease and grime.

If you have a bottle or two laying around the house, you’ll definitely want to know these hacks for later!

Keep reading to learn 8 different ways to clean your home using Pine-Sol!

Pine-Sol Cleaning Tips

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1. Soak a cotton ball with Pine-Sol and place in your trash can. 

Pine-sol works wonderfully to deodorize nasty smells. Simply soak a few cotton balls with your favorite scent and drop a few into the bottom of your trashcan before replacing your liner.

2. Use Pine-Sol for spot treatments on garments. 

Use Pine-Sol as a spot treatment for stained clothing.


Pine-Sol can be used to pre-treat stains such as grease and dirt before laundering. Simply soak the stain with a small amount of liquid and wash as normally. Pine-Sol can also be used to boost the color of white laundry as well.

3. Pine-Sol can be used to effectively deodorize a room. 

Fill a small bowl or cup with your favorite scent of Pine-Sol. You can also opt to use an oil diffuser which works wonderfully to lightly scent the room.

4. Use Pine-Sol to keep bugs and pests away.

Lemon-scented Pine-Sol is an amazing pest deterrent and is known to effectively keep flies, fleas, mice, spiders and ants away from the home. Use Pine-Sol to wipe down areas where you may have seen these pests such as your counter tops and baseboards to keep them at bay.

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5. Fill your toilet brush container with Pine-Sol.

Fill your toilet brush container with Pine-Sol cleaner to keep your bathroom smelling fresh all day long.

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This will keep your bathroom smelling fresh all day as well as keep your toilet brush clean. For more toilet cleaning hacks, you might find this post useful.

6. Make your own disinfecting wipes.

Make your own disinfecting wipes using Pine-Sol cleaner and paper towels. Save so much money with this method!

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Grab a roll of paper towels and cut it in half. Place in a plastic container and soak with Pine-sol to create you own disinfecting wipes that cost less than the store brands.

7. Use Pine-Sol as a weed killer. 

Wherever there are problem areas in your yard, spray a mixture of equal parts Dawn dish soap and Pine-Sol. This will kill the weeds fast as well as get rid of unwanted bugs, such as ants.

8. Use Pine-Sol to clean jewelry.

Original Pine-sol is a wonderful cleaner for jewelry. Pour a small amount in bowl and soak your jewelry in it for 1-3 minutes. Rinse jewelry and wipe clean with a soft cloth.

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