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Vintage style has become extremely popular over the last few years and we can see that more and more world-famous designers are opting for it.

However, decorating your house in a rustic style doesn’t necessarily mean going to the nearest flea market and buying every old item you can get your hands on.  Many online stores provide furniture with a vintage feel but are brand new.  Use an overstock coupon to get flea market prices.

You can also show off your creativity by finding a nice balance between different elements so that your home can look sophisticated and vintage, and not like some old attic.

Let’s take a look at some useful vintage decorating tips and ideas below. 

Vintage Home Decorating Tips and Ideas

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1. Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is a must for a vintage decorating!

What is the thing that reminds you the most of your grandmother? It’s probably beautiful floral wallpapers in the kitchen! Not only do they look vintage and super elegant, but these wallpapers will add that special warmth to your place and remind you of your careless childhood. However, if you opt for such a colorful choice, make sure to go pastel with kitchen cabinetry since these nuances will go great with floral patterns on your walls. After all, striking a perfect balance between too much color and a total lack of it is very important.

2. Pink bathroom tiles

Pink bathroom tiles are retro and perfect for vintage styled home decor.

Another huge trend from the 40s and 50s is pink-tiled bathrooms. So, if you want to create a genuinely vintage home, keep this in mind. Additionally, you can recreate the rustic style even further by opting for a beautiful freestanding bath. Such a choice will bring you back to the past, all the way to the Victorian era. Finally, an elegant oak bathroom vanity together with brass faucets will add that final touch to the whole room and simply scream sophistication.

3. Cozy living room furniture

Choose cozy furniture for your home when vintage styling.

The most important part of every living room is its furniture. Not only will you be spending a lot of time sitting and lying on it, but all of your guests will judge your home based on these furniture pieces. Therefore, make sure to go for something cozy and stylish at the same time. Additionally, if you want to create that retro vibe in this room as well, we would heartily recommend you opting for a beautiful Barcelona chair which will definitely become the focal point of the entire room. Furthermore, don’t forget to enrich your living room design with some rustic home accessories as well, including the amazing porcelain vases and decorative plates.

4. Incorporate modern elements

Going vintage doesn’t have to mean being totally exclusive and faithful only to a single look. Instead, feel free to add some modern elements to your home decor as well. You may have never thought about this before, but creating a contrast is crucial if you want to highlight something and, in this case, that would be that traditional feel of your place. Just imagine how nicely a modern glass coffee table would match your old-fashioned furniture! On top of that, this mixture of styles would make the presence of the essential electronic devices like your TV and computer seem much more natural.

5. Fill your bedroom with nostalgia

Vintage bedroom

Finally, nothing says vintage more than an antique king-sized bed with silk curtains which will create a sense of intimacy and fill your bedroom with nostalgia. On top of that, you should buy an elegant vintage Scandinavian rosewood chest which will serve you as a great storage solution, but at the same time act as a great accessory to your bedroom decor. Finally, don’t hesitate to hang up more than one mirror since these will make your room look bigger and highlight its unique style even further.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to perfectly recreate the vintage style in your home. All it takes is letting your imagination run wild and not being afraid to show off your bold personality. Finally, keep in mind that you can create a mixture of different styles as well which will bring even more attention to the retro atmosphere you are trying to create.