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Looking for decor inspiration? Give sunflowers a try!

Sunflowers are known for being happy, yellow flowers. By adding them to your decor, your space will instantly feel brighter and more inviting. 

In addition to providing a pop of color indoors, sunflowers make great additions to your curb appeal as well.

See these simple, sunflower-inspired home decor ideas you’ll love and your guests will adore.

Sunflower Decor Ideas

The warmth and charm of sunflowers are perfect for farmhouse styled spaces. You can place sunflower bouquets in entry ways or on the top of living room tables to create a focal point and sense of balance in the room.

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You can easily brighten up dull kitchen areas with sunflower decor. To create a cohesive look, style trays with sunflower accent pieces or use matching curtains and floor mats.

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A front porch is an ideal place for displaying sunflower decorations. It gives your home a cheery, inviting atmosphere. Garden signs and welcome banners are the easiest way to show off your sunflower flair.

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The versatility of trays makes them great accent pieces for any home. Adding sunflowers or another type of flower can make yours pop.

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Sunflower accents around your fireplace can elevate the mood in your home. In addition to creating coziness, this also makes the room feel fresh and light. 

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Sunflowers’ vibrant yellow adds a lot of appeal to bathrooms. Combining them with black, gray, or white can create a sleek, stylish look.

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Sunflower decor has a ton of versatility. You can add them to any room of your house to add chic or upbeat appeal. Besides adding brightness to your living room, sunflowers have the added benefit of bringing some earthy elements into it.

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You can add sunflowers to your home decor in a variety of ways. Their bright, yellow color can easily and quickly liven up dull spaces.

Follow a sunflower theme throughout your home or strategically place bouquets to create cohesion. You can’t go wrong with sunflowers either way.