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If you’re passionate about being a singer, there are numerous ways to use this talent to fetch some extra income.

Thanks to technology, music can be now be made, promoted, and sold in a much easier way.

Some mobile applications and websites provide a medium to look for gigs around the town, sell recordings and do freelance singing.

In this article, we’ll walk you through ten of the most effective ways to earn additional income by being a singer.

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10 Ideas to Earn Money as a Singer

1. Websites for freelance singers

Multiple websites are providing opportunities to freelance singers.

It is a great way to lend your voice to various commercials, jingles, or some music album.

Some websites are for freelancers from various fields while some are focused only on singers and musicians.

Several websites can connect freelance singers to producers who need singers for their tracks and music albums. You can earn a good amount of extra money by signing up on websites for freelance singers and musicians. 

Here are a few popular websites:

2. Be a Session Singer

A session singer is one who gets hired by music composers or songwriters to sing a track for them.

You can get a chance to sing as a lead or in the chorus.

Jingles, demos, commercials, and reference tracks can also be good options for lending your voice as a session singer.

If you find the option of becoming a session singer viable, you can find work from local production houses, music studios, online musical forums, or contact other singers in the network. 

3. Perform in gigs

Live performances can be extremely profitable for singers. While the internet has made sharing your talent easier than ever, listening to a favorite artist in a live show or gig is still something music lovers prefer.

Being part of gigs can also help you build an audience. The live audience is more loyal when compared to the online audience, as they are paying to watch you perform.

Once you have a loyal audience, earning money as a singer can be very easy by performing in gigs across the city. 

Gigs are common in clubs, cafes, and cultural events at various offices. Therefore, if you know the right places to look, finding a gig to perform in can be easy.

Getting in touch with the local music groups or some club managers can help you earn a spot at a gig for paid performance. The internet has also made searching simpler.

There are various sites and platforms where one can get booked for gigs. Corporate events often look for singers on such websites. 

4. Collaborate with bands

Many a time bands need a replacement for the lead singer or some background voice. It can be a good opportunity to fill in as a singer and earn a few extra bucks. The requirement is usually temporary, so you don’t have to make any long-term commitment. Performing with bands can give you more exposure and also develop your network of local bands. 

5. Sing at church

Singers are needed at churches for being a part of the choir or to perform in some special events. If you offer to perform at the church, you can earn some compensation from the church authorities. You also might get chances to join the choir as a permanent paid singer. 

6. Make your own music

Original compositions are always a hit among the music-loving audience. It is actually the conventional way of making money from music. If you can compose and sing your song, you can earn money by selling it on various online platforms. You can release the music on more than one platform to earn extra. 

7. Give lessons in music

One of the best ways to earn money from your talent is to share it with others. Teaching music and vocals to others can help you share your knowledge in music with people who are interested. It not only helps others learn but also expands your knowledge. If you can do the job well, the number of interested candidates will increase, thereby fetching you more money. 

To reach more people, you can upload a vocal course on popular websites like Udemy. Making ebooks on music or creating downloadable music lessons are also great ideas. 

8. Create your Youtube channel

Youtube is the ultimate platform where both music creators and music lovers can connect.

Creating a channel will cost you no money. All you need to do is upload interesting videos of your singing or live performances. Monetizing the channel can help you earn money for the views you get on each video.

Many young artists have become popular through such Youtube music videos. Collaborating with other Youtube singers will also expand your audience base online.

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9. Upload music videos on social media

People of all ages are very active on social media so getting recognized as a singer can be as simple as posting a video. You can also go live on social media platforms and connect with all your followers and friends.

You can start getting paid once your posts gain enough attention. You might even get noticed by some music producer or composer. 

10. Market vocal samples

Music composers are often in need of vocal samples for their records or music albums.

Vocal samples are music pieces that can be modified easily to suit the needs of the producer or composer.

Produce such samples and sell them to gain some extra money. 


Making a few extra bucks by singing is now easy with so many options at hand. The money may vary widely from one option to another.

You need to make a smart choice based on your need for the extra money. Also, consider the level of competition on the path you choose to make things easier.