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Side hustles are huge part of today’s world. People are monetizing on their skills thus making a little extra cash on the side.

From copywriting and logo design to video editing and drop shipping, we have heard it all. But what about the fashion industry?

If you have a passion for fashion, then we have you covered. With these money-making ideas, you can make extra cash by using your love for fashion to your advantage.

It doesn’t matter if you have a degree in fashion or not, these tips will allow you to pay the bills while living your most fulfilling life.

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1. Go to the thrift shop

One of the best ways to make some extra money is by heading to a thrift or consignment store and buying clothing at a much lower price than normal.

Yes, some of these clothes may be used, but the possibilities of what you can do with them are endless. You can keep them for yourself or fix them up and sell them online.

2. Buy in bulk

This may not make you extra money, but it definitely saves you a ton. When you buy clothes and accessories in bulk from retailers you can get them at pretty cheap rates.

For instance… t-shirts. Companies that buy boxes of t-shirts will save significantly more money than if they only ordered one.

Yes, it will be more expensive to buy 100 items rather than 1, but in the long run, you will be saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

3. Design your own clothes!

Whether it is hats, belts, or sweatshirts, take that extra step and make your own line!

If you love designing, but don’t want to make everything from scratch yourself, you can sell your design concepts to shops or stores and make money from the royalties when they sell your design.

If you sell your products online, be sure to look at various websites. This will ensure that you have the lowest listing price so that you can get the largest sales percentage.

4. Write a fashion blog

Combine your love for fashion and some writing skills to start your own fashion blog.

There are so many different topics that you can write about: brand reviews, matching different outfits, or some of the products you have created.

To make money, contact different companies to sponsor you or let them have ad space on your page.

5. Become a stylist

One of the best ways to make that extra cash is to advise people on what to wear. Yeah, you heard that right.

Whether you work as a personal stylist or an online stylist, you can use your knowledge of fashion to get paid. If you decide to do it online, you can do this through different online apps at any time of the day.

6. Make money on social media

Today everyone has social media. At the click of a button, you could reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

With social media sites such as Instagram, you can become an ambassador for certain brands by posting daily.

Post your outfit of the day, different style tips, and reviews about a brand. Companies will then contact you and ask if you can try out their products in exchange for your follower’s attention.

7. Create video content

With the rise in social media, that also means the rise on video content.

Platforms such as TikTok and YouTube are perfect for posting videos relating to fashion.

When you make these videos and give people advice, you will gain followers, make money, and you can talk about the thing you love most… FASHION! From DIY creation videos to fashion hacks the possibilities are endless.

8. Affiliate Sales

Make money anytime someone clicks your link and buys a product from you.

There are hundreds of affiliate networks out there and the fashion industry is not an exception. To get started, find a product or company you love.

Then, google their name with the words “affiliate program” after and sign up through their website. Some sites pay per click and others per sale. So, make sure you understand what the terms are.

9. Catalog Writing

Another way to make money as a fashion enthusiast is to work as a catalog copywriter. These people are typically persuasive and great with descriptive words that will really drive traffic to websites.

Some places do require a background in marketing. Chances are if you can write well and have some solid examples, then they will probably take you on.

10. Work as an assistant

Assistants and bookkeepers can make a great hourly rate in some parts of the world. Try getting a job as an assistant for a fashion company that you adore.

This way, you can work for them for a period show that you have skills and gain free knowledge of the industry. Then, companies more open to hiring you as a full-time employee because they know your work ethic and the ins and outs of the company.

Working as an assistant pays pretty well and can get you that networking you have always been dreaming of.


Fashion is an industry that will never fade away. For thousands of years people have obsessed over it. If you have a talent or a skill in the fashion industry, then monetize on it. Don’t think that you need to make it big in the industry in order to make money. That is a straight-up lie.

So, whether you are a small start up boutique, a fashion student in college, or just an average person who has a keen eye for the subject, make some money from your love of fashion.