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Trying to find work as a dancer can be tricky sometimes, but that’s no reason that dancing shouldn’t be
your main focus.

Paying bills and climbing the dancing ladder are two things that you can simultaneously do with these tips and
tricks to earn extra money on the side.

With the world going online, there are more ways than ever to earn a few extra bucks while dancing, building your brand and creating a name for yourself at the same time!

Keep reading below to learn about the best ways to make extra income if you have a passion for dancing.

How to Make Extra Income as a Dancer

1. Start a YouTube Channel

Sounds cliché? So many people start YouTube channels because it works.

All you need is a phone camera and you can upload your videos for free.

Some ideas can include dance routines, step tutorials, and sit-down chats where you can talk about the realities of what it’s like to be a dancer.

In the description box, you can publicize your website links or email so you can take bookings.

You can also make money from advertising on your videos and, as you increase subscribers and viewers, you’ll build up your brand awareness.

2. Create local partnerships

Partnering with smaller businesses is a great way to earn some money on the side.

Contacting your local recreational center to teach a session once or twice a week gives you job security, but still keeps your days free to go to auditions. Also, there’s the added bonus of being able to use their facilities.

Partnering with a local school to give children dance lessons can broaden your audience. You don’t need to persuade their parents to pay for their lessons, the children will do the work for you!

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3. Remote teaching

Providing one to one online sessions for clients is a great way to earn some extra income.

Whether it’s children who can’t travel or an adult who feels uncomfortable dancing in front of crowds, offering remote lessons can be a great way to reach people who wouldn’t have thought to learn.

Freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork can broaden your clientele internationally, which looks impressive to producers you might audition for.

4. Write a book

Dancing, whether self-taught or classically trained, requires skills and knowledge that most people wouldn’t think about.

Writing a book can encapsulate all of this and increase awareness and appreciation for the art. This is Going to Hurt is niche and unexpected, but it opened the public to what being a doctor is really like, and it’s now a best seller because of this.

With self-publishing, you no longer have to pitch to publishing houses or agents who read thousands of books per week. With places like Kindle Direct, Wattpad, and Blurb, you can create a book and publish yourself!

Feel like publishing isn’t for you? Creating an e-book or audiobook has never been easier.

Here are a few writing Ideas:

  • Non-fiction: What being a dancer in this era is really like
  • Non-fiction: How Dancing has helped you in other areas of your life (control and management skills, time balancing, working under pressure, etc.)
  • Fiction: Short children’s story about dancing

5. Become a Social Media Brand Ambassador

Social media attention has never been higher, and online influence is a great way for customers to see you consistently.

All social media platforms have multiple ways of filming content, straight from your phone. Being on YouTube and other social platforms will increase the ways that customers can reach you.

Videos like step tutorials, top five necessities when dancing, quick stretches, are perfect for Instagram stories and reels. You can show off your moves on TikTok and use YouTube’s stories to trick the algorithm into showcasing your content to a wider audience.

Need to plug? Promote your links via all the social platforms description boxes, and use your email address for clients to personally reach out for custom orders.

Partner with brands, small and large, to promote their products, such as training equipment or gear, and earn revenue from the affiliate links.

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6. Create an e-course

Don’t forget- you are an expert in your craft. Creating an online course might sound grueling, but once you’ve put it out, you can earn money months and years after, with no extra work required!

Passive income is perfect for dancers, as you can spare some of your time to train and audition, while still having some form of income coming in.

Using established platforms such as SkillShare and Udemy means that your course is easily accessible and has a high chance of being purchased.

7. Consulting

As a dancer, you already have skills that others don’t, and with the right marketing techniques, you can consult and use your expert knowledge to help others.

Places like Just Answer are great ways to start sharing your knowledge and get paid for it.

8. Become a technical writer

Publications like People, Vanity Fair and Life&Style are constantly looking for new pitches about topics that most of their audience wouldn’t be exposed to.

An exposé or day in the life for a dancer can be a really interesting read that these magazines would love to hear about.

Setting yourself up as a technical writer on established freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and People Per Hour can ensure international clients and new websites that are interested in showcasing your expertise.

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9. Private Lessons

Use your connections formed from teaching at recreational centers and schools to build up your network of clients to give private lessons.

With a focus on the personal element, you can promote your lessons to be customizable per person, providing one-to-one learning that ensures you know the student, which creates a great space for self-expression and art.

10. Get out and network

Be part of the action! The best way to get into the right circles is by surrounding yourself with them.

If your dream career is dancing on stage, go to the theatre productions and liaise with the current dancers on the show.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be on TV. If that’s the case, work as a runner or understudy until you get the opportunity to work your way up.

Being surrounded by people who have the same ambitions as you will open your mindset and create another way to get into the industry.

When a producer or manager needs to find a dancer, the first person they’ll think of is you.


Having a side-hustle is now an expected part of life, but it can be easy and a great way to spare some time so you can focus on what you really care about: dancing.

By creating flows of passive income through affiliate marketing, e-courses, and fiction writing, or getting your name out there with consistent coaching, publishing content on social media, or writing for acclaimed magazines, you are steps closer to having your dream career.