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These are some of the world’s best tricks to make your house smell amazing all year-round. Check out this post to see these super helpful smell hacks that’ll make your home more inviting.

7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

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1. Put dryer sheets in your vents. 

Put a few dryer sheets in the vents around your home to keep it smelling fresh year round.

The Krazy Koupon Lady

You can also try taping the dryer sheets over the vents but this trick works especially well and will fill your home with the aroma of fresh laundry.

2. Make scented orange candles for indoors and outdoors.

Scoop out the inside of an orange and it fill it with hot wax and your favorite essential. Works great for the summer!


Remove the insides of a few oranges and fill with hot wax and a couple drops of your favorite scent. If you would like to use outdoors, add a few drops of citronella to keep pesky bugs at bay.

3. Put a spoonful of Downy Unstoppables on a wax warmer. 

Add a few spoonfuls of Downy Unstoppables to a wax warmer to freshen up your home.

The Stockpiling Moms

If you have a  on hawax warmernd, you can add a few spoonfuls of Downy Unstoppable on it to fill any room with a lovely scent.

4. Make tropical stove top potpourri. 

Make you own tropical stovetop potpourri! Perfect for the summer!

Windstead Wandering

Make your house smell like a tropical paradise with a few slices of lemon and strawberry as well as a few drops of coconut extract. Place on the stove for a couple of minutes and be amazed at good your home smells!

5. Make your own trash can deodorizers tablets. 

Make tablets for your trash can to keep them smelling fresh!

Retro Housewife Goes Green

The trash can can be the smelliest items in anyone’s home. Simply make your own deodorizer tablets in the trash can to keep odors at bay.

6. Make a gel air freshener to place in each room. 

Make a gel air freshener to place in each room of your house to keep it fresh for longer.


These gel air fresheners can be easily made with a few simple ingredients, such as gelatin powder. These gel air fresheners look and smell amazing and would make a wonderful gift to friends and family!

7. Refill your old plug-ins with your favorite essential oil. 

Fill an old plug-in with essential oil diluted with water!

Mom 4 Real

If you have a couple of old plug-ins laying around, you can put them to use again with this simple hack that saves you money and time. Remove the wick and fill it with a few drops of essential oil and water. Replace the top and you have a basically a brand new air freshener for your home!

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