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Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to to figure out who or what you want to dress up as this year.

Fortunately, Google has revealed that there’s a couple of costumes that have been trending in searches and if you don’t want to look like everyone else at the Halloween party then these are the costumes you must avoid at all costs.

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What Not to Be This Halloween

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1. Wonder Woman

Thanks to the box office hit, Wonder Woman, we now have people everywhere obsessing over her. Yes, I’m all for women empowerment and “bad-assery” but if you want to avoid from looking like a clone this Halloween this is definitely a costume you should avoid.

2. Harley Quinn

Let’s talk about Harley Quinn, shall we? In DC comics, she is known as being the on and off again psychotic girlfriend and punching bag side-kick to the infamous Joker. Her rising popularity climaxed after her well played portrayal by actress Margot Robbie in the movie Suicide Squad.  Google tells us that a ton of people are searching for her exact costume, so if you already got your boots and fishnet stockings prepared put them away please.

3. Clown

Surprising enough, being a Clown for Halloween is as traditional and generic as off-brand cereal yet it still made it to the top of the list of trending searches for Halloween costumes. Needless to say, if you’re thinking about being a clown for Halloween, please don’t.

4. Moana

With many people still reeling from the aftermath of the adventurous, heartwarming movie Moana it’s no wonder that she made it to the top of the list for the most searched Halloween costumes according to Google. If you really enjoy happy endings, you will definitely avoid anything Moana related this year.

5. Unicorn

Last but not least, the legendary unicorn. In the words of Refinery 29, “think of it as this year’s pumpkin spice.” Thanks to the likes of celebrities such as Taylor Swift, who made a unicorn pool floatie go viral, unicorn mania has spread like wildfire and everyone wants in. So for this Halloween, you guessed it: Don’t be a unicorn. You will not be “different” you’ll be just like everyone else.

So there you have it, the top 5 costumes to avoid wearing this year. If you truly want to be unconventional, it will be in your best interest to brainstorm costume ideas that not too many people will think of such as being a hygiene product or being a shadow. Whatever the case may be, be original and go against the grain.

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