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It is no secret that remote work is skyrocketing in this day and age of social distancing and staying within the confines of your home.

Along with the boom of remote work, seemingly everyone, professionally or socially, has utilized the video conferencing software, Zoom.

While many are utilizing Zoom to work remotely for their regular, day to day office jobs, you can now combine those worlds and work remotely for the company itself.

Zoom has many glowing reviews regarding the positivity their employees feel toward their work and their careers. Below are four jobs you can apply to at Zoom that are fully remote, today!

Photo by Daniel Bosse on Unsplash

1. Technical Writer

This is a great job if you are a developer. If you have been writing code for a while now and you understand software development through and through, this may be the job for you.

Zoom’s goal is to challenge developers within the Zoom platform while simultaneously inspiring employees. You will need to write technical documents, sample applications that mesh with Zoom and the current developmental tools Zoom has in place.

In this position, most of your day may consist of rewriting developer content that has low viewership, writing new education content for features, reviewing content written by fellow employees, and writing blog posts.

A bachelor’s degree, as well as 2+ years of experience, is preferred for this position.

View current openings here. 

2. Marketing Content Writer

This position requires someone to push forward with a marketing strategy for Zoom’s platforms, specifically around the Zoom Phone product.

You would be collaborating throughout all of Zoom’s current marketing, engineering, and product teams to create content that teaches customers and improves the user experience.

The ideal potential hire for this position would be someone who is a skilled writer with a niche in creative marketing tools specifically around zoom’s platform updates.

This position asks that those who apply have 5+ years of experience writing about cloud telephony, SaaS Technologies, and UCaaS as well as experience in a SaaS marketing agency or in a role focused on cloud communications. A bachelor’s degree is required as well.

While the position is remote, they prefer those located in Denver, CO.

3. Device Engineer

Zoom’s product implementation team is busy in this era of their popularity which has led them to seek an experienced Device Engineer.

The ideal candidate for this position would possess great interpersonal skills as well as experience in devices, PBX, and SIP.

In this position, you would be required to collaborate with a team of engineers or device vendors while making sure that features of a new device are released by their previously determined deadlines.

Having some flexibility in your schedule is preferred for this position as there are times when the Device Engineer will have to communicate with the International Engineering team.

For this position, an MS degree in a related field is preferred, but not required.

View current openings here.

4. Integrated Marketing Manager, Developer Solutions

This position will require you to be responsible for executing high-quality marketing programs for the products and services specific to Zoom’s developer audience. You would also have to effectively communicate with Zoom’s ever-evolving community of developers.

Being comfortable working in a quick environment while possessing a good attitude is ideal for this position.

Part of this job will entail establishing KPIs, creating review cycles and providing your two cents on developer behavior.

This position requires a BA or BS degree or relevant work experience as well as 5+ years of experience running similar marketing platforms.



These are brief summaries of only four of the many remote jobs Zoom has available to the public, today.

Finding remote work can feel like an uphill battle, but Zoom is trying to make that battle easier by providing a myriad of wonderful remote positions for you to feel fulfilled with your work and day to day life.

Don’t hesitate to apply to one of these positions. You have nothing to lose.